As Fox Sinks Further, Chris Wallace Makes Announcement

As Fox Sinks Further, Chris Wallace Makes Announcement

Providing more evidence of Fox News’ future demise, Chris Wallace’s latest announcement has likely sent more viewers running to actual conservative networks like One America News and Newsmax.

Fox News’ ratings have been decreasing at an alarming rate, as they recently dropped below CNN and MSNBC for the first time since 2000. The reason behind this is simple: they have turned on their audience.

The formerly conservative news outlet began hiring Democrat hacks like Donna Brazile, trash-talking President Trump and his supporters, and trying to censor their more conservative hosts.

Chris Wallace, who has always been a Democrat hack, took his obsession with establishment Democrats one step further on January 20, praising Biden’s inaugural address.

Brigitte Gabriel, founder of ACT for America, shared a quote from Wallace on Twitter and asked the question that is on most conservatives’ minds: “Is @FoxNews even trying anymore?”

According to Wallace, Joe Biden‘s inaugural address was the “best” he has “ever heard” since President Kennedy was inaugurated in 1961.


“I thought it was a great speech,” Wallace said following Biden’s inauguration ceremony.

“I thought this was the best inaugural address I ever heard,” he added.

Even if you love Biden, saying that his speech was better than any speech since Kennedy is a pretty far stretch.

News website ‘Chicks on the Right‘ pointed out a possible motive for Wallace’s comments, writing: “Wallace could not say enough good things about Biden’s speech. Perhaps Wallace is looking to leave Fox News and get a role in the new administration because, seriously, the speech was not that good.”

Wallace continued his glowing review of Biden’s speech by praising the former vice president’s calls to confront and defeat white supremacy and domestic terrorism, and stated that the speech felt like “part sermon, part pep-talk.”

“It was a call to our better angels, a call saying look, we’ve got tremendous challenges, COVID, the economy, racial injustice, climate change but there’s nothing we can’t do if we come together,” he added.

Biden’s speech was all about unity, respect, and being neighborly, but his words during the address don’t match up at all with any of his previous statements, or statements being made by members of his party. Unity would involve not referring to your opponents and their supporters as racists, sexists, and bigots, among other insults. Democrats just aren’t capable of unity.

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