CNN Attempts to Discredit Obamagate, While Backhanding Trump


CNN is out to do some major damage control but their backhanded attempts to discredit Obamagate are having the exact opposite effect. In order to deny that Obama did anything wrong, first, they have to admit exactly what he did wrong. The left-leaning mainstream media giant just helpfully laid it all out in a neat little package.

Obamagate makes Watergate look tame

Barack Obama’s been officially implicated for leading the “coup” plot to sabotage President Donald Trump. The media calls it Obamagate because of the obvious parallels. This is Watergate on steroids, making what Nixon’s plumbers did look like a minor burglary in comparison. As President Trump describes, he was a victim of the “biggest political crime in American history.” Every single one of the traitors deserve prison time or worse.

Knowing that there’s now a huge chance that someone will slip a noose past his big snoopy ears, Obama went on the offensive. He’s slamming the Department of Justice for getting caught framing retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. They left a trail leading straight to him. Just like Nixon’s plumbers.

Several independent investigations have revealed exactly how the Department of Injustice conspired with the Federal Bureau of Instigation. As CNN writes, “the FBI abused their powers to investigate members of his campaign and undermine his presidency.” That’s illegal. Russiagate” was a treasonous plot.

Liberals try to downplay the “real findings of FBI misconduct.” They want to pretend what was done by the Democrats to frame innocent people weren’t crimes, because they were done for a progressive cause, overturning an election which Hillary Clinton was supposed to win.

Horowitz reports ‘major problems’

Inspector General Michael Horowitz reported “major problems” with the wiretap warrants against Carter Page. Not a single word of the Christopher Steele dossier was confirmed, and the FBI and DOJ were both well aware that most of it had been debunked. They used it anyway. That right there is the Obamagate “weaponization” of the legal process.

Recently unclassified documents reveal that Michael Flynn was specifically targeted and trapped into lying to the FBI. Before they set him up, there was a White House meeting that indicates Barack Obama knew the score.

Obama shocked his Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates by admitting on January 5, 2017, that he knew all about Flynn’s phone call with Sergey Kislyak. He wanted her and FBI Director James Comey to stay behind after the meeting. She didn’t know why at the time, but testified that Comey did. Comey was already part of the plot.

Obama outlined how routine monitoring of foreign diplomats picked up Flynn telling the U.S. ambassador to Russia not to worry about the Obama era sanctions slapped down as “punishment for Russian meddling in 2016.” That cheesed big-ears off. Flynn was charged for lying to Vice President Mike Pence about promising the Russians that the sanctions would go away. It turns out that Flynn was charged using a law that is so vague, nobody has ever in history actually been convicted of it. We know now, it was totally engineered and Flynn was determined to be guilty before he ever said a word.

After that meeting, Russian interference in the 2016 election became the prime focus of all the alphabet agencies that make up the intelligence community. The whole narrative became “Russia had launched a coordinated and sustained attack on the U.S. election, in an effort to undermine American democracy and also help Trump win.” It was all based on lies and deception, paid for by Hillary Clinton. The Democratic National Party did her a favor and split the cost.


Creepy Joe was there too

Another thing that the media has been trying to avoid talking about regarding the Obamagate scandal, is the fact that Joe Biden sat in on that meeting too. Susan Rice mentioned something in her transcript that Yates failed to disclose. Chuck Grassley took notice of that one. “It’s time we asked, what did Obama and Biden know and when did they know it?” He asked that question Monday, right on the floor of the Senate. He also asked for some more documents to be released so he can get to the bottom of it.

Biden was cornered by progressive friendly ABC about it on Tuesday. When asked about the meeting, Biden replied, “I was aware that there was, that they had asked for an investigation, but that’s all I know about it.”

Not long after that fateful meeting, A “senior US government official” illegally leaked details from Flynn’s calls to The Washington Post. That is a felony. The information was totally classified. These are some of the “illegal leaks” that Trump has been complaining about all along.

Sally Yates didn’t waste any time alerting the Trump team that Flynn was a “security risk” because he was open to blackmail. She knew, because she was blackmailing him. That’s when “Comey sent two agents to interview Flynn.” We now know that the trap was so carefully laid that there was no way the general could avoid falling in.

In order to use Flynn’s name in the leaked press reports, first it had to be “unmasked” Our Acting Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell, made public a list of all the Obama officials who asked for Flynn’s unmasking. They found out when their requests were denied that he couldn’t be “unmasked” because he was the “target.”

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