Video: Jerry Nadler Pulls Hilarious Clown Act…We Can’t Stop Laughing


New York Representative Jerold Nadler couldn’t help showing America exactly why everyone keeps depicting him in clown shoes on their internet memes. As Daily Caller relates, this “might be the most relatable coronavirus moment in politics today.” Everyone who’s seen it can’t stop laughing.

A one man clown show

The diminutive democrat did a one man clown show comedy routine reminiscent of the Three Stooges. He tried to take off his face mask and got it hilariously tangled with his glasses. The head of our Senate Intelligence Committee couldn’t manage to outsmart a piece of elastic band.

In obvious frustration, he maneuvered both his eyeglasses and the entangled covid protection every which way, from one side of his face to the other. At one point, he was trying to look through the mask with his glasses sticking out from his ear.

Democrats protest law enforcement

The democrat circus was in full swing Wednesday so it’s not surprising they acted like a clown convention. Both the House and Senate lawmakers did a joint photo-op to protest peace and order in America. Law enforcement must be stamped out immediately because it’s offensive to black people. That’s why everyone is wearing the colorful pieces of cloth that make it look like they’re attending services at a Jewish Temple for LGBQT types.

While all the other democrats kneeled in solidarity with George Soros, Nadler decided to stand. Even so, it was still hard to notice. Jordan Weissmann points it out on twitter. “Love that everyone’s kneeling and then you’ve got Nadler standing up, looking like he’s the guy at temple davening with the extra colorful tallit.”

  1. Hard to have any respect at all for these corrupt, treasonous cockroaches called Congressional DemoncRats. They have nothing to Respect, no ideas, no decency, no leadership ability, no love for the UnBorn, whom they would rather MURDER to please their Master, Satan. There is not one thing “American” about the Democrat Party today and it is hard to tell them apart from the radical Islamic Scum who want to kill everyone for their Allah/Satan. All from the same vomit bucket of Lunacy & Tyranny. My vote goes to the only LEADER our Nation has seen in many a decade and that is President Donald J. Trump! KAG!

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