Nadler Accuses AG Barr of Bribery


Last week, New York Democrat lawmaker Jerrold Nadler came dangerously close to accusing Attorney General Barr of bribery. He didn’t use that word, but the way he tap-danced around it in those “clown-shoes” of his made his accusation crystal clear. He simply backed up what disgraced left-wing mole Jeffrey Berman alleged.

The personal approval of Jerrold Nadler

On Thursday, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee accused Attorney General William Barr of “flirting with criminal conduct.” Suddenly, the AG isn’t allowed to supervise his own department without the personal approval of Jerrold Nadler. The Deep State isn’t happy that Barr purged U.S. attorney Geoffrey Berman.

Nadler takes Berman’s liberal side, as the former prosecutor claims, “Barr attempted to bribe the attorney into stepping down from his position with the promise of administrative rewards, and eventually threats of forced removal.” That isn’t quite what happened. Berman was given a chance to go quietly, save face, and remain eligible for other government positions. Instead, he chose to make a big stink and got canned by President Donald Trump personally. He’s already been replaced by Deputy U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss.

Democrats like Jerry Nadler are convinced that the only reason Berman was fired was because he prosecuted “several members of Trump’s inner circle.” His partisan incompetence had nothing to do with it, they insist. He’s only on the unemployment line because “Berman has charged Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, Representative Chris Collins, Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and businessmen Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman,” mainstream media outlets whine. The paperwork Berman left unfinished on his desk was his investigation into “claims regarding Trump’s personal lawyer and former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani.”

Republicans see things differently

As usual, what Republicans see is often the mirror image of what progressive socialists in the Democrat party see. Florida Republican lawmaker Matt Gaetz went on record to clarify that “Berman’s allegations are the result of a wounded ego rather than any criminal conduct perpetrated by Barr.” His conservative colleague, Jim Jordan of Ohio, “cited the fact that Berman did not mention any particular, sensitive cases in Thursday’s hearing.” That didn’t stop Nadler from pointing the finger though.

Nadler is sharpening up his torture instruments for a personal inquisition of William Barr. His testimony before the committee has been scheduled for July 28. Nadler has already made it crystal clear that he intends to grill Barr like a steak. Even his fellow Democrats are wondering what he’s been smoking lately.

According to Washington insiders, “many Democrats have little faith that the Department of Justice would actually go through with investigating Barr, regardless of what may be revealed at the next hearing.” Things are a lot different these days now that the Deep State has to remain hidden in the shadows. They lost their FISA power tools and every day, more evidence of the criminal behavior going on inside the Federal Bureau of Instigation surfaces proving how far reaching the Obamagate scandal really was.

  1. Barr should ARREST Nadless for many counts of sedition , high treason & theft of millions of taxpayer funds while he worked for America’s enemies , like soros for sure !

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