AG Barr Puts the Breaks on the FBI…Stops Them Dead in Their Tracks

It’s about time!
William Barr
Photo Courtesy of Office of Public Affairs via Creative Commons License

William Barr just made a move to protect the upcoming presidential election, but Dems will surely portray this as yet another move to ensure Trump remains “above the law.”


Barr recently issued a memo to FBI leadership ensuring that before any investigation into any presidential candidate can be started, it must be approved by his office.

Reining in the FBI

It was made pretty clear after the fact that James Comey’s FBI was being run by the Indians rather than the Chief.

The investigation into Trump was launched by underlings with an ax to grind, only later getting the approval of Comey.

Even though it was a high-profile investigation, Comey continued to allow underlings to make key decisions, then put his signature of approval on very flawed and often blatantly false FISA applications.

That will not happen again.

Barr stated, “In certain cases, the existence of a federal criminal or counterintelligence investigation, if it becomes known to the public, may have unintended effects on our elections.

His memo further stated that “we also must be sensitive to safeguarding the department’s reputation for fairness, neutrality and nonpartisanship.”

Protecting the Election

While this will undoubtedly be portrayed as biased policy, Democrats should be thankful because the next person investigated could likely be Joe Biden.

Several Republican senators have come forward to request information regarding Hunter Biden, most notably his travel schedule on Air Force Two when Biden was in office and Hunter’s business dealings.

There is little doubt among conservatives that when this information becomes public, there are going to be even more questions raised about the integrity and corruption of Joe Biden.

Behind the scenes, there are whispers that if Biden did end up winning, numerous Republicans believe they have enough to start their own impeachment.

There has also been some hesitancy among other Republicans to even pursue this matter right now, as they would prefer to get on with government business.

Personally, I think many of them are worried that if the Biden dominoes start to tumble, their own corruption could be exposed.

Pay very careful attention about the politicians hesitant to investigate Biden, because it could point to significant corruption within our party that must also be exposed if we are truly going to flush the DC Swamp.

  1. Was the attempted coup by the Obama Administration set up to give Obama plausible deniability? It wasn’t necessary, everyone knew their job. Guaranteed they’ll get away with it, nobody in the upper echelon will do time. The swamp runs very deep.

    1. Sad, but true! The BLM & ANTIFA terrorist mob is lead by democrats, Soros, China & WHO.
      Strong corrupt organizations.
      Americans must give them back a taste of their own medicine. Push them back and use force if necessary, they are experience criminals..

  2. I agree…..and have wondered how and why Bary administration got by with so many “criminal acts” along with his cohort Hiliary…. why the Republicans stayed so silent on it all??!!
    Excerpt: Pay very careful attention about the politicians hesitant to investigate Biden, because it could point to significant corruption within our party that must also be exposed if we are truly going to flush the DC Swamp.

  3. Don’t any of you worry. I’ve heard for ten years now, Obama can’t do that. It’s against the law or against constitution. Question. What are you going to do about it? Answer. NOTHING! Ms. Clinton can’t destroy subpoenas. She can’t use a private server for government business. She can’t engage in pay to play. On and on. Lynch, Comey, And many more. All running free. If our President would have done what Pelosi did, the democrats would already have charges filed! Republicans are too busy scratching their

  4. Sounds like Barr is trying to excuse comey’s part in the coup…

    gee, im getting a clinton investigation feeling all of the sudden.

  5. It shouldn’t matter where an investigation takes the FBI or DoJ, all corruption must be rooted out, democrat or republican. And any investigation of any politician should be approved by Barr or Wray. Let’s drain the DC Swamp no matter which party they belong to.

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