Alert: Thousands of Radicals Attack Christian Homes


As Christians across the globe experience mounting persecution, worshippers in India are being brutally attacked and forced out of their homes.

Morning Star News reports that police are standing down and letting Hindu extremists attack Christians in their villages.

Mob Attacks Christians

In attacks occurring on September 22nd and 23rd, mobs of Hindus with numbers of up to 3,000 stormed homes of Christ-followers. This left many fleeing for their lives and several injured.

Despite the sheer violence, local police told the Christians to embrace Hindu festivals and try and find common ground.

A local named Sivram Koyam said that he along with other Christians went to the local police station on September 22nd to warn them of threats from the mob about an impending attack.

“From three in the afternoon till eight in the night, I pleaded with and begged the police officers to go and stop them, but they did not go,” Koyam told Morning Star News. “The furious mob came in search of me, and not finding me home, they picked up my wife and smashed her on the ground three times,” Koyam stated that the mob of about 3,000 animists was chanting Hindu slogans as they continued to damage homes in Kakadbeda village, he said.

“One of them tore my wife’s blouse [the garment is worn beneath a saree],” Koyam said. “Besides grievous internal injuries, my wife was gripped with fear and traumatized by the incident. She developed a fever and could not move due to severe pain and injuries.”

Great Damage Done

10 homes were significantly damaged in the first attack and many more houses were damaged the next day.

“Many of us have been Christians for over 10 years, and during this meeting, many gave testimony of how the Lord had healed them and why they follow Him,” Koyam said.

“The villagers from somewhere came to know that we had gone to the police, so the next day [Sept. 21], a huge, agitated mob came to my house enquiring about me,” Koyam said. “My wife somehow managed to convince them that I was not home. I hid myself till they all left and then secretly fled towards the jungle along with another Christian named Sukram.”

As Christians across the world face brutality from other religions, while in the United States, this theme is starting to appear also.

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