Well, it appears that another Democrat has been caught on camera where he seemingly has been outed as a Chinese dictator super fan.


Camera Catches Democrat

Earlier in the month, Bret Baier was hosting a panel and former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford Jr. was in attendance.

The former congressman appeared behind the camera with a portrait of the former Chairman of the People’s Republic of China and founder of the Chinese Communist Party Mao Zedong in the background.

Fox News has been shown to be fake news and Ford has been allowed to provide frequent commentary on the news network.

People were quick to point out the disturbing image. “Wow, [Harold Ford Jr.] rockin’ the Warhol Mao over the fireplace. I liked the Muhammad Ali better,” Tom Bevan, founder of Real Clear Politics said.

Damage Control Not Working

After many angry people responded on social media, both Fox News and Ford had to do some serious damage control to this atrocity.

Ford tried to excuse the portrait captured on camera by saying that it wasn’t his home.

“As [Bret Baier] said, I’m just renting a place – didn’t choose the art – my house has Ali and MLK on the walls – no fan of Communist China or Mao – my public record and words on Fox and elsewhere about China prove that,” he said.

Baier also took to Twitter to try and explain away the incident.

“As noted in previous tweet Tom. — “[Harold Ford Jr.] is renting a home for a few weeks in a vacation spot – he doesn’t control the walls. Strong background analysis, but Harold is not a Maoist- he was elected in Tennessee. Thanks for watching,” Baier said in response to Bevan.

Excuses Aren’t Flying

However, even if Ford really was renting a house, he may not be able to control the artwork but he can control the background he poses in front of.

“He may not control the walls but he can control the setting. Getting tired of [Bret Baier],” Twitter user @ibhigg said.

Another camera catching incident occurred in 2009 when the White House Christmas tree under the Obama administration was decorated with a Mao ornament.

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