Another Instance that Was NOT ‘White Rage’


All it takes is one look at the mug shots to know that “White rage” was not behind this violent crime spree. Two police officers were injured in an attack with home-made explosives. It was anything but the harmless fun the anarchists think it was.


Radical rage in Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin police had no problem finding and arresting the five criminals of color who attacked two of their police officers and tried to blow up a cruiser. This one was personal and it’s cops who are in a rage. The incident happened just after midnight on Monday, July 5.

While fireworks were going off across the city, there were a whole bunch of illegal explosions too. One of them was an outright attack on police. Throwing a bomb at the officers was every bit as dangerous as if the attackers pointed guns and pulled the triggers.

According to officials with the MPD, around 12:15 a.m., the officers were standing on the Water Street median, “monitoring the downtown entertainment district.” That’s when the five suspects lobbed “M-80’s, M-1000’s and a two-pound device” described as “a pipe bomb.” Police note it was “a piece of PVC pipe filled with explosive powder.”

It went off with one heck of a bang too. “The detonation caused injuries to officers and damaged a squad car.” The blast was powerful enough to deploy the cruiser’s airbags. It was clearly not a case of White rage.

If anyone has a right to be angry, it’s the cops who survived the assassination attempt. They’re entitled to all the rage they want.

“This is not a game, these devices should not be detonated anywhere near a human being, they’re not designed for that,” declares Milwaukee Police Inspector Paul Formolo. Well, human beings are definitely not designed for that but “pipe bombs” usually are.

This is not a game, these devices should not be detonated anywhere near a human being.

There to prevent U-turns

When the officers were assigned to stand on the median, they thought the biggest challenge they would face would be the prevention of U-turns on Water Street during the fireworks festivities. They weren’t expecting to be bombed. The officers had been “hearing explosions all night” but didn’t know there was any rage behind it.

Just after midnight, “a car drove by and someone threw a lit explosive that exploded next to two officers.” Terrorists who follow these things took notice that it instantly incapacitated them both. One officer is 40-years-old and the other 45. Both were transported to the local hospital for treatment of their injuries.

Thankfully, other “officers had seen the car and ran the plate.” You can bet their level of rage was off the scale when they soon “found it parked near the owner’s address on North 50th.”

They decided to work smarter instead of harder so they towed the car and waited for the owner to claim it. When Derek Smith showed up at the station the next day, they slapped him in cuffs.

The police rage got fanned back into flame when they searched the car he arrived in. They found “90 M-80’s, four M-1000’s and another pipe bomb.” Then they opened his phone up and hit the jackpot. A long voice-to-text message where he admits: “We had some bombs, like some pipe bombs. Ones that make the whole city shake.”

Along with Smith, police charged Gerrell Bufford, Demetrius A. Powell, Javaier D. Thompson and Lawrence T. Turner. All have a hefty list of crimes involving the reckless use of explosives which carry hefty jail time and fines that these suspects never have a chance of being able to pay. For instance, Smith faces up to 87 years, 6 months in prison and could be fined up to $175,000. It’s not much better for the rest of them.

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