Another Liberal Pub Openly Supporting Domestic Terrorists

domestic terrorists

Liberal publication Politico is upset that the Biden Administration is not doing enough to coddle and protect left wing domestic terrorists. Politico is attacking the White House for prosecuting leftists who have been so incompetent in their attacks on people and property that even the far left FBI has no choice but to arrest them. Basically, Politico is upset that the federal government is not doing enough to terrorize conservatives for their tastes.


Leftist domestic terrorists go free

With classically subtle liberal subversion tactics the Politico article innocently asks why “activists” are being arrested for damaging millions of dollars worth of important infrastructure.

“Protesters for racial justice” replace rioters and looters in this narrative. Only the most egregious of these have been prosecuted under the Biden regime, which is determined to do the bare minimum in response to the 2020 riots.

When the Biden Administration accuses radical leftists of participating in domestic terrorism it is only because those individuals were open about their crimes that it becomes impossible to shield them.

The fact that these “activists” are so willing to be public and open with their behavior in the first place is a reflection of just how lenient the government is towards them.

The FBI and other government agencies have been stopping at nothing to ensure that Trump supporters who were near the Capitol on January 6 are captured and held in exceptionally harsh conditions.

Leftist domestic terrorists are let off with slaps on the wrist at most while individuals who did little more than stroll through their Capitol for 15 minutes face decades in prison.

Not enough for Politico

Largely the pattern for the federal government has been that left wing radicals are allowed to terrorize conservatives to their heart’s content while their victims are rapidly snatched up by the federal government if they react.

Domestic terrorism committed by white supremacists is the most deadly threat in America according to Politico and the government.

This is actually almost nonexistent, but that has not stopped the FBI and others from inventing it where none can be found.

The most mild of right wing provocations are classed as white supremacist domestic terrorism while leftists who cause millions in property damage to the Dakota Access Pipeline are simply “activists” according to Politico.

The FBI is an intensely partisan organization which is overwhelmingly friendly to left wing causes and groups. Politico and other liberal publications will evidently never be satisfied with this until leftists are allowed to murder conservatives in the street and receive an approving pat on the back from the feds.

After the extent to which most rioters were allowed to get away with everything that was done in 2020 Politico may not have to wait long for that to become a reality.

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