How Black Rage Continues to Go Un-Checked


While innocent Trump supporters are locked up and tortured by the federal government and the Biden Administration, Black Lives Matter rioters who burned cities and assaulted children last year are being set free to do it all again. Victor Miles II smashed a car window in the face of a one year-old child during a BLM riot last Summer. Authorities have set him free with no significant consequences by explaining that it was a very emotional time for him.

Black Lives Matter rioter was going through “a very emotional time”

Americans are told by the heads of our government and military that “white rage” is the greatest threat to the country, but last Summer one family got a taste of the kind of black rage that is encouraged by those authorities.

When a car attempted to escape from a mob of violent Black Lives Matter protesters Victor Miles II apparently flew into a rage.

The rioters immediately started attacking the car to assault the two adults and their young child inside. Miles smashed their window with a scooter he was carrying, sending shards of glass flying into the occupants, including the child.

After his initial arrest Miles faced up to five years in prison and the serious felony charges that he deserved for this violent assault.

In a textbook case of 2021 black privilege he is now set to be completely exonerated so long as he does not commit any additional crimes in the next year (which, to be fair, might be difficult for Mr. Miles.)

Miles was given a suspended 90 day sentence and told that the incident will be removed from his record after the charges against him were reduced from felony to misdemeanor.

Minimal punishment for attempting to maim child

The defense attorney argued that Miles was merely going through a very emotional time as a black man in America amid the George Floyd protests.

Whatever emotional state he was in, it was apparently one which forces an individual to violently assault young children.

In a video of the incident Miles can clearly be seen intentionally aiming for the rear window the car, where the one year-old child was located.

Shards of glass flying at high speeds are obviously no small danger, especially to such a young child. Miles could have seriously maimed or blinded his victim.

The Black Lives Matter movement exists largely to exonerate violent criminals and in the aftermath of the 2020 riots they have succeeded beyond their wildest expectations.

Hardly any of the rioters were arrested in connection to the looting and arson that took place last Summer. The few who have been charged have been for the most part quietly released because 2020 was, after all, an emotional time for the poor leftist criminals of America.

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