Another Obama Administration Failure Causes Death of American Hero

This is horrific…
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The family of former FBI agent Robert Levinson is furious with the Obama administration and they have every right to be.

Levinson, who was captured by the Iranians in 2007, is now reportedly dead after dying from health complications while still in Iranian custody.

(Obama) What Happened

Levinson, at the time, was serving as a CIA contractor.

At the time of his capture, he was traveling on Kush Island in Iran.

The United States, specifically the Obama administration, has significant leverage when negotiating the Iranian deal in 2015, but failed to secure his release.

Levinson has reportedly been ill for some time and his death is reportedly not related to the coronavirus.

While his family has announced his death, President Trump, on Wednesday, stated that he had not been formally told Levinson has died and until then, he refuses to accept that as truth.

Family Outrage

Needless to say, his family is upset at both his death and the failure of the government to bring him home at any point over the last 13 years.

His family wrote, “It is impossible to describe our pain.

“If not for the cruel, heartless actions of the Iranian regime, Robert Levinson would be alive and home with us today … They kidnapped a foreign citizen and denied him any basic human rights, and his blood is on their hands.”

They added, “Those who are responsible for what happened to Bob Levinson, including those in the U.S. government who for many years repeatedly left him behind, will ultimately receive justice for what they have done.”

That reference was a clear shot against the Obama administration.

This is something the family will not drop anytime soon, and it something they should not, quite honestly.

The biggest opportunity our country had of bringing him home was during that Iranian deal, yet, for some reason, Obama failed to make Levinson a part of the equation.

  1. God bless him & his family. Very heart wrenching to have lost a loved one, especially it could have been prevented. Thanks a lot obummer, NOT.

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