Trump Finally Taking Some R&R, Compared To How Many Times The Obamas Vacationed During H1N1


President Trump’s work ethic stands in stark contrast to Barack Obama’s. With the H1N1 “Swine Flu” pandemic rapidly spreading, Obama headed to a Broadway show, then whisked the family away on a world tour. Trump is finally getting a few hours of much needed rest and recreation at Camp David, leaving the White House for the first time in a month. The Maryland “retreat” is conveniently located only 70 miles away and he’ll be back by Sunday evening.


Obama watched H1N1 from the golf course

President Trump’s aides had to practically drag him away from his desk in the Oval Office, hoping he will get some well deserved rest away from worrying about COVID-19. Meanwhile, our workaholic-in-chief vows it will be a working weekend. He plans to reach out by phone to other world leaders.

In April of 2009, the H1N1 outbreak began and would eventually kill over 18 thousand Americans. Barack Obama played golf with his hero, Tiger Woods, on April 20. Then on May 30, Barack Obama took Michelle to New York to see “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone.” They went back for the girls and the whole family jetted off to the Middle East and Europe. They took in all the famous sights, “including a visit to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.”

The last time President Trump left the White House, he went to officially send the USNS Comfort away on it’s duties to New York. He’s expected back in Washington Sunday evening for a “virtual town hall” broadcast from the Lincoln Memorial. Monday, he’s bound for Phoenix, Arizona and a tour at a high tech factory making respirator masks.

Another Obama vacation in August

The H1N1 virus was still raging like wildfire in the U.S. all summer but Obama hardly noticed. In August he went fly fishing in Montana from the 14th to the 16th, where the fish were smarter than he was. After that, the family went to feed the bears in Yellowstone while they casually wandered around the wide open west.

When they got back, they were ready for a vacation. On August 23 they abandoned Washington for Martha’s Vineyard, “staying in an oceanfront home that rents for more than $35,000 a week.” He “extended” his vacation at the “enclave of liberal royalty,” Politico reported at the time, while “fending off health care reform, climate change legislation and other issues piling up in Washington.” One of those “other issues” was H1N1.

Politico really threw him under the bus with the next part. His poll numbers had “dropped recently amid complaints that he is not exerting strong enough leadership on the core issues of his presidency.” He was heading to Camp David at the time to “prepare” for an upcoming “Oval Office briefing on the H1N1 flu virus.”

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    Man Is supposed to love Unconditional Love with all their heart mind and soul.

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