ANTIFA ‘Protesters’ Caught on Video Trying to Kill Woman

Domestic terrorism… plain and simple.
ANTIFA Attempted Murder
Photo via Miser YouTube Video Screenshot

Something must be done about ANTIFA and it must be done now.

After seeing this latest video, where ANTIFA members attempt to push a woman in front of a moving car, there is simply no doubt in my mind this group needs to be declared as domestic terrorists…

How is This Allowed?

What you saw in that video about is nothing new for ANTIFA.

The group popped up on the radar in a big way during the 2016 election.

Their violence and bullying have been regularly called “protests” by the mainstream media.

I can still remember a CNN reporter standing in the midst of one of the so-called protests when he was pushed around and assaulted.

That very same reporter then stated that their anger was understandable… can you imagine the same thing if he had been pushed by a pro-2A protester?

Of course not!

The hub of this violence is more often than not Portland, Oregon.

For some reason, this city has allowed ANTIFA to literally take over the streets.

The police there often look the other way or even worse, look on and do not do anything about it.

In October 2018, ANTIFA protested in Oregon over the death of Patrick Kimmons.

Kimmons was shot and killed by police when they responded to a fight and stated Kimmons had fired his weapon five times, wounding two men.

They then stated that Kimmons charged toward police with a weapon in hand, so they opened fire and took him down.  

This is the video of that shooting…

This is the man ANTIFA was protesting for… a violent criminal who had already tried to kill two men and was now charging at police with his weapon in hand.

During the protest against the Kimmons shooting, a vehicle approached and was immediately surrounded by protesters, with some of them beating on the car.

The man eventually got away from the crowd and stopped to check the damage, at which point the ANTIFA protesters rushed toward him to attack again.

All the while, the police stood by and watched.

During this same protest, an elderly woman in a wheelchair asked the protesters to stop using a megaphone by her window.

She was told, “Old a– lady, nobody is listening to you.”

In panic, she starts screaming for help from police who are in a nearby cruiser, but they fail to respond.

In yet another incident, a man tried to stop ANTIFA members from destroying a flag when he is brutally attacked with a club, there is not an officer to be found…

Clearly, due to the lack of action by police, this group is getting bolder and bolder at every event.

This, by the way, is an organization many Democrats have applauded, including Joe Biden.

It is only a matter of time before someone loses their life, be it an ANTIFA member taking this too far or someone defending themselves against an ANTIFA attack.

And who will be to blame then??

  1. ANTIFA are the new Democrat Terrorists. The old Democrat Terrorists where the The Ku Klux Klan was founded in 1866 by ex-Confederate soldiers and other Southerners opposed to Reconstruction after the Civil War.

  2. There is enough culpability to go round here. From the City Council, to the Mayor and to PPD. When a citizen is grievously injured when it could have been stopped by the nearby Police, the victim should sue the crap out of the city for failing to protect the citizenry from the violent and dangerous domestic terrorists that seem to have total run of Portland, unencumbered by the Police.

  3. I want to see the end result when the Fascist Organization ANTIFA goes after someone with a CCW.
    ANTIFA is an organization supported and condoned by the liberal commie Democrats. I want to see the liberal commie Democrats open their big mouths after someone from ANTIA has a conversation w/G-d.

  4. Time to send in the troops and shoot to kill. This punks need to be rounded up, photographed and displayed to the world. Any college students should be fined bigtime and thrown out of college.
    Portland should be taken over by the national guard and the governor of oregon and the Portland mayor should be jailed and thrown out of office. If these thugs are given any type of legitimacy they will just grow around the country. Just like the Nazis did in 1935.

  5. The police should be given shoot on sight orders for any member of Antifa since they are a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. Any officer who does not follow the order should be fired on the spot and charged as an accessory to their crimes. Any person in elected office who aids Antifa or illegals should be charged with TREASON and HANGED as the Constitution calls for as punishment of all TRAITORS.

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