Disgusting: AOC Caught Doing the Media Circuit at a Funeral

It was a somber day in New York City as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) attended the funeral of Jordan Neely, the homeless man who died after being placed in a chokehold by former Marine Daniel Penny.

At this service, AOC made an impassioned statement to those present expressing her thoughts on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis calling Penny a Good Samaritan.

She stated that “he should read a Bible”, and with that sentiment was met with praise from the crowd.

Tragedy struck when Jordan Neely was killed in what appeared to be an act of self-defense by former Marine Daniel Penny.

Witnesses claim that Neely had threatened passengers on board the subway car before he was confronted and eventually taken down by Penny.

This incident caused immense public outcry as many felt that it was unjust for such force to have been used against someone who had not committed any violent acts prior to his death.

In response to this incident, AOC took to Twitter where she expressed her outrage over the lack of charges brought against Penny due to Neely’s status as a houseless person living in poverty.

With no other course of action available for her to voice her opinion on the matter, she decided to take part in attending his funeral and making her stance known there instead.

But being the attention monger that she is known to be, she just had to make sure she took time to take selfies smiling with people.

I think many would agree that there’s a time and place for everything and making the media rounds for your publicity at a funeral just isn’t it.

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