AOC Gets BAD NEWS… Total Flop

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The movie that was supposed to bring climate change to the masses did not do so well.

“To the End” featured AOC as well as several other climate change activists.

The movie, however, was a total flop.

Crash and Burn

The movie was showing on 120 screens.

It brought in a whopping $9,667, for an average of about $81 per screen.

Most “hits” would bring in the total income of the movie on a single screen.

The movie’s promo states, “From street protests to the halls of Congress, these bold leaders fight to shift the narrative around climate, revealing the crisis as an opportunity to build a better society.

“Including up-to-the-minute footage that culminates in 2022’s landmark climate bill, TO THE END lifts the veil on the battle for the future of our world, and gives audiences a front seat view of history in the making.”

Believe it or not, the trailer has gotten some decent action…

But it was apparently not enough to drive people to the theater or to even follow the social media of the production (less than 600 followers on Instagram).

Sorry, AOC, but nobody seems to care about your movie.

Source: The Blaze

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