Arizona Takes Another Giant Leap Towards Voter Integrity


Arizona conservatives were thrilled to learn that Senate Bill 1485 has been officially signed into law on Tuesday, calling it a giant leap toward election integrity. This small victory is a huge move in the right direction, purging inactive voters from getting automatic mail-in ballots and reducing the number of ballots which get sent out in the first place.

Arizona wants integrity

Doug Ducey, the RINO Governor of Arizona, acted like a conservative on Tuesday, officially signing the latest effort to boost election integrity.

Finally, state officials will be allowed to clean the lint out of the voter rolls by purging “infrequent voters from early voting lists.” Those affected can still vote, they just need to do it in person. Another aspect of the new law will “reduce the amount of mail-in ballots sent out.”

Double crossing Doug praised the new Arizona law as “a victory for voter integrity in the state and the country.” The lame duck RINO was sure to make it crystal clear that nobody is being disenfranchised by the move.

He tends to sympathize with the radical “defund the police” types but knows he is totally surrounded by deplorable conservatives. The legislation, he promises, “will not remove voters from voter rolls and will allow them to still vote in person.”

Arizona State Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita, sponsor of the bill, tweeted out her appreciation to the Governor for not standing in the way this time.

“I’m thankful to @dougducey for sticking to the facts of my legislation & ignoring the unfounded & inflammatory rhetoric of suppression to recognize the importance of maintaining an accurate voter list to protect the integrity of our elections by reducing the potential for fraud.”

Use it or lose it

The senator is convinced her measure “will protect elections as well as keep the voter list up-to-date and accurate.” Ugenti-Rita also pointed out, “standing with the voters and their desire for secure elections is paramount to maintaining our form of government.”

Over at left-leaning NPR, they’re using taxpayer dollars to throw a snit about the decision in Arizona.

Democrats are going spastic that Arizona dares to “enact new restrictions on voting” but they don’t even understand the issue in the first place. The vast majority of voters in the state are on a permanent “early voting list.”

They keep getting ballots long after they die or move away, which other people love to fill out and send back anyway. All the new law does is take the “permanent” part away. Any voter who votes regularly will not be affected.

“Going forward, voters will be kicked off the list if they don’t use their early ballot at least once in two straight two-year election cycles and if they don’t respond to a notice from county election officials warning them of their imminent removal.” Arizona Democrats are hopping mad, whining that “adopting election changes they say will disproportionately affect low-income communities and voters of color.”

Conservatives say go find a safe space, some Play Doh, and get over it. Conservative Senator Sonny Borrelli insists, “there’s no purge. If you don’t respond, there’s either these reasons – No. 1, you’re either dead; No. 2, you moved; No. 3, you just don’t care; or maybe it’s a phantom voter. Who knows?”

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