This is Why Leftist States Should NOT Control Our Supply Chains

This is Why Leftist States Should NOT Control Our Supply Chains

The supply chain is now backed up thanks to the failed state of California and its ridiculous policies, which have led to worker shortages and refusal to keep the busiest ports open round the clock.


While countries in Europe and Asia keep their ports open and operational 24/7, the busiest port in the United States — which is located in Los Angeles, California — is shut down several hours out of the day, and stays closed on Sundays.

“With the current work schedule you have two big ports operating at 60%-70% of their capacity. That’s a huge operational disadvantage,” Hapag-Lloyd AG President Uffe Ostergaard told The Wall Street Journal.

More than 60 ships are currently waiting to dock, and tens of thousands of containers are stuck in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, due to worker shortages and the inefficient way that the port is run. Alongside those problems, there is still a significant trucker shortage.

“It has been nearly impossible to get everyone on the same page toward 24/7 operations,” said Gene Seroka, executive director of the Port of Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, businesses across the U.S. are trying to stock up on imported items amid the delays and supply shortages, especially with the holidays coming up.

The horrible policies coming out of the Biden administration, the Democrat-run Congress, and California are just making things worse. With people being paid extra unemployment benefits to stay home, vaccine mandates forcing companies to fire workers that they desperately need, and ridiculously authoritarian lockdown orders, the supply chain is significantly disrupted. If things don’t change soon, we’re going to be seeing some severe shortages in every store in the U.S.

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