Welp, Say Goodbye to California


California has approved the use of universal mail-in ballots in all future elections, opening new windows for potential fraud in the heavily leftist state. Ballots will now be required to be sent to all registered voters, even if they have not requested one. This measure is ostensibly intended to make voting in the state more convenient for voters and it has the approval of Democrats and Governor Gavin Newsome, who signed it into law.


Universal mail-in voting made permanent

Republicans have complained that universal mail-in voting will offer new opportunities for tampering with votes in future elections.

The official line is that voter fraud does not exist anywhere in America. This is about as believable as a third world dictator announcing that he has been reelected with 99% of the vote.

If, hypothetically, Democrats in California had any inclination to cheat in future elections there would be nothing stopping them and universal mail-in votes might make the process even easier.

The state adopted the policy in response to the pandemic, becoming one of four states which chose to do so. Now it will become a permanent feature of California elections.

Anxieties over how mail-in votes were handled in a number of swing states in the 2020 election have not been calmed by constant reminders from the mainstream media that corruption is nonexistent in cities like Philadelphia and Detroit.

We do not, however, need to theorize about illegal ballot stuffing in order to find a sinister agenda behind the new Democratic insistence on universal mail-in voting.

California targets oblivious voters

The law is explicitly meant to increase voter turnout by delivering ballots to people who have not asked for them and who presumably had no intention of voting.

California will be pressuring uneducated and uninterested voters into voting in elections which they otherwise could not have been bothered to show up for.

Insisting on universal voter turnout is practically the equivalent of herding toddlers into polling places and telling them to pick the party that starts with a D.

Voters who are politically aware and engaged are perfectly capable of obtaining ballots if they need them; this should be a very easy process in any state.

California Democrats are not aiming to help voters who are too busy or infirm to vote in person. This law is implicitly meant to target individuals who are completely unaware of what is happening politically and who would otherwise have no idea that an election is taking place.

Careless individuals who really have no business voting in the first place due to a complete lack of education and initiative will have unsolicited ballots literally thrown on their doorsteps. Which party will these people be voting for?

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