Video: BLM Protest Turns Deadly


Two separate Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests in different states turned violent over the weekend. 


BLM Take Over CO Highway

In Aurora, Colorado, a vehicle drove through a BLM crowd as it was allegedly fleeing a hostile scene. A video shows the jeep being shot at by a protester as it drove through the event. Two people were taken to hospitals due to being struck.

Police are still not sure if it was just one protester who open fired or if there were other individuals as well, according to the Daily Wire.

“While the Jeep was being driven through the crowd, multiple shots were fired by a protester,” the Aurora Police Department said in a statement. “At this time, it is unknown if multiple people fired their weapons, or if it was just one individual. Also, there have been no reported injuries reported to us about anyone being hit by this vehicle.”

“During preliminary interviews with the Jeep driver, he advised officers that while on I-225, his vehicle began to be surrounded by protesters who were yelling and striking his vehicle,” police added. “He also claims that a white pickup truck struck the front of his vehicle. He claims that the reason that he drove towards the protesters is because he was scared and trying to get away.”

Police Looking for Shooter

The Aurora Police Department tweeted out photographs of the suspect, captioned: “UPDATE: DO YOU RECOGNIZE THIS MALE? This male is a person of interest that shot 2 people yesterday on I-225. Please reach out to @CrimeStoppersCO with tips. You can remain anonymous and be eligible for a reward of up to $2,000.”

Another BLM Murder in Texas

At another BLM event in Texas, a man yielding an AK-47 was run over by a fleeing vehicle.

28-year-old Garrett Foster said he was bringing his AK-47 to the BLM event “they don’t let us march in the streets anymore, so, got to practice some of our rights.”

“Austin’s police chief, Brian Manley, told reporters on Sunday that as the motorist turned, a crowd of protesters surrounded the vehicle, and some struck the car,” The New York Times reported. “Minutes after the shooting, the driver called 911 and said he had been involved in a shooting and had driven away from the scene, Chief Manley said. The caller told dispatchers he had shot someone who had approached the driver’s window and pointed a rifle at him.”

“According to police, gunshots were fired from inside the vehicle at Foster. They said during the initial investigation, it appears Foster may have pointed his weapon at the driver of the vehicle prior to being shot,” CBS Austin reported. “After the first volley of gunfire, another individual reported hearing the shots and saw the vehicle driving away from the crowd. This person then drew their concealed handgun from an ankle holster and fired multiple shots at the vehicle as it drove away.”

“I mean if I use it against the cops, I’m dead,” Foster said. “And, I think all the people that hate us and want to say sh** to us are too big of p***ies to stop and actually do anything about it.”

More and more BLM protesters are being killed or injured by members within their own movement. As violence escalates, so does the absurdity of the riots taking place across the country.

  1. Did the BLM have a parade licence? Did they have permission to march on a Public HIGHWAY? Some how I doubt they would be granted the right to obstruct traffic and were instead practicing Civil Disobedience. In that case the Aurora police did not need to stop traffic and any of those people marching should have been put on a few buses and shipped to the police station for processing, and held until they were arraigned. anyone found with firearms should be checked for CC licences if they have them there is another fine and the loss of the licence. and if it was fired it becomes Felony ADW and a Federal firearm offence, that if I remember correctly is actually printed on the license documents.

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