Young Christian Criticizes BLM, Then She Gets a RUDE Awakening


As fake Christian organizations continue to pander the Black Lives Matter mob, one young Christian has been expelled from Texas Christian University for stating her opinions of TikTok.


Christian Gets Bullied for Speaking Truth

Ashleigh Brock was a Hardin Simmons University student but was kicked out after daring to post her political beliefs on the popular social media platform.

Her views were undeniably factual but in the “must be offended” society in the United States, other students complained and called her racist for criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement.

Cancel culture made Brock its latest victim and she experienced what many conservatives are experiencing every day.

BLM’s Hypocrisy Called Out

One of Brock’s TikTok posts that sent Twitter into a frenzy was when she showed the hypocritical reactions when a black person kills a white person, a black person kills another black person, and when a white person kills a black person.

She basically was making the point that the Black Lives Matter movement only cares about certain black lives versus all black lives.

“Do black lives matter? Yes, of course. Do white lives matter? Yes, of course. But I’m not gonna sit here and put each one in a group saying this race matters,” Brock said in the video. 

A Twitter account by the name #blacklivesmatter reposted the video and demanded the “Christian” university enact “serious consequences.”

The tweet read:

“This is Ashleigh Brock, she goes to Hardin Simmons University in Abilene,Tx. There needs to be serious consequences for these actions (in actions I mean racism). Not only has she done it one time but she’s done it multiple times!— #blacklivesmatter (@Thisisnotokay15) June 24, 2020

In another TikTok post, while wearing an HSU t-shirt, Brock said that “all lives matter” and asked why people “freak out when a white person kills a black person,” but do not elicit the same reaction when a “black person kills a white person.” 

Panderers to the Mob Create Cancel Culture

HSU President Eric Bruntmyer said in a video, “the student associated with this incident is no longer enrolled in Hardin-Simmons University.”

The school president slammed his own student for daring to speak the truth and voice her opinions on a controversial matter.

  1. Hillsdale needs a new President. Eric Bruntmyer is a coward, and is a horrible role model because he condones caving to bullies.
    Richard William Faith central Florida

  2. You can’t speak Truth anymore, I would demand the money her parents spent at that university back. Imagine how bad it will be if Biden gets elected.

  3. Richard, Eric Bruntmyer is NOT the president of Hillsdale. Please reread the article. I totally agree with you that he is a coward. How is pointing out the TRUTH as she does, deemed racist?? He should be fired: Canceled, in the language of the “woke”

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