Mike Pence Stuns the Crowd When He Begins to Discuss Jan 6th


Former Vice-President Mike Pence finally opened up about his role in the unconstitutional acceptance of compromised 2020 election results on June 3rd.  While he has reportedly spoken to President Trump several times since Jan. 6th they are reportedly still at odds about it. Pence still seems to believe that he made the right decision.

During Pence’s remarks at a GOP event in Manchester, NH he essentially solidified the notion that he has no real future within the Republican party, 63% of whom staunchly believe that the 2020 Election was stolen.

“Jan. 6 was a dark day in the history of history of the United States’ capital,” Pence said on June 3rd. But the majority of the party believe Jan. 6th to be a dark day for more than one reason: yes for the violence at the Capitol but more so for VP Pence and the Congressional GOP’s failure to stop a de facto coup.

He continued, “But thanks to the swift action of the U.S. Capitol Police and federal law enforcement, violence was quelled, the Capitol was secured, and that same day, we reconvened the Congress and did our duty under the Constitution and laws of the United States.” A bit of a twist of the knife considering that in the view of many, Pence and Congress did the polar opposite of their duty.

As President Trump tweeted on January 6th,


Pence concluded his remarks on that day saying “You know, President Trump and I have spoken many times since we left office. And I don’t know if we’ll ever see eye to eye on that day,” he continued. “But I will always be proud of what we accomplished for the American people over the last four years.”

According to left-wing mouthpiece Alternet, “Pence stunned the audience with his remarks, according to one reporter present” and “according to Business Insider reporter Jake Lahut, those remarks changed the tone of the evening.”

The Day That Mike Pence Turned His Back On ‘America First’

Millions of Americans were shocked and dismayed when Vice President Pence released his statement the morning of Jan. 6th. In it, he not only rejected his Constitutional authority but also his legal responsibility to reject the corrupted electoral college certifications by leaning on a controversial 1876 interpretation that his role was “purely ministerial” made by Supreme Court Justice Joseph Bradley during the “corrupt bargain” that ended reconstruction and settled another disputed election through the appointment of an “Electoral Commission.”

Pence came to this baffling conclusion despite numerous constitutional scholars including Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Constitutional Attorney Ivan Raiklin, John Yoo, a law professor at UC Berkeley, and Robert J. Delahunty, a law professor at St. Thomas University all asserting that under the 12th Amendment to the US Constitution and multiple historic precedents: the power to accept or reject any states’ slate of electoral college votes is vested solely in the Vice President.

Raiklin according to NationalFile cited 3 U.S. Code § 12,

 “When no certificate of vote and list mentioned in sections 9 and 11 of this title from any State shall have been received by the President of the Senate or by the Archivist of the United States by the fourth Wednesday in December, after the meeting of the electors shall have been held, the President of the Senate … shall request, by the most expeditious method available, the secretary of state of the State to send up the certificate…”

Several states’ legislators asserted in statements to Congress prior to Jan. 6th. that the electoral college certifications transmitted to Congress by their Secretaries of State were in fact: fatally flawed. In effect, no valid certifications were submitted. Therefore, this should have forced Pence under 3 U.S. Code § 12 to require the State Legislatures to convene immediately in order to transmit new electoral college slates “by the most expeditious method available” which realistically could have been accomplished within 24 hours with modern logistical and communications capabilities.

America-First Republicans are still left wondering why Mike Pence chose to walk away from them at his most crucial moment, but one thing is for certain: the people will never trust him again, the left won’t forgive him for being involved part of President Trump’s administration and the right will likely never forgive his failure on Jan. 6th.


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