FBI Agent Blows the Lid on Anthony Weiner and Hillary Clinton Fiasco


The job of FBI Agent John Robertson in 2016 was to investigate crimes against children. As he scrolled through the contents of Anthony Weiner’s laptop, he was the first one to stumble on “thousands of Hillary Clinton emails.” Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe and James Comey covered up the evidence. The whole “fiasco forced Attorney General Lynch and Director Comey into a corner.” Robertson, the Washington Examiner reports, is “speaking out for the first time.”

FBI child sex crimes investigator

Robertson was assigned to the case of Anthony Weiner, the alleged husband of Huma Abedine, an American of Iranian descent who was Hillary Clinton’s intimately personal assistant. At the time he worked for the FBI in the bureau’s New York Office child sex crimes unit and was looking for evidence of “underage girls.” In late September, he “unearthed tens of thousands of Clinton emails.” At the home office, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, disgraced agent Peter Strzok, and former counterintelligence chief Bill Priestap “took little to no action to investigate.” They covered it up.

“The crickets I was hearing was really making me uncomfortable,” the FBI agent insists. He later told Justice Department investigators working for Inspector General Michael Horowitz, “Why isn’t anybody here?” If he was a ranking spook and he heard about the evidence he has seen with his own eyes, “I’m getting on with headquarters.” The call would sound like, “Hey, some agent working child porn here may have [Hillary Clinton] emails. Get your ass on the phone, call [the case agent], and get a copy of that drive.” That’s how “it should be.” But it wasn’t. “I still to this day don’t understand what the hell went wrong.” Maybe it was intentional.

Agent John Robertson got an eyeful. A lot more than just images of Weiner’s Weiner was on that laptop. The NYPD detectives who turned it over to him had a look at it too. What they saw “was so disgusting,” that they threatened to go public themselves if the FBI didn’t reopen the investigation and ‘do the right thing with timely indictments.'” It was reported at the time, “they were chomping at the bit” to do a press conference announcing the “additional arrests” they were ready to make. The DOJ brushed them off and allegedly later threatened them if they continued to bring it up.

The whole fiasco

Only weeks before the big election, “the whole fiasco forced Attorney General Lynch and Director Comey into a corner.” They had to reopen the email server investigation. By late October, the agent had to write a letter to himself as documentation of where he stood. After a meeting on October 19, 2016, where he begged “Assistant U.S. Attorney Amanda Kramer of the Southern District of New York to push FBI leadership to look at the thousands of emails he had unearthed.” He wasn’t happy at all with the way the case was being buried.

“I have very deep misgivings about the institutional response” that his colleagues gave to the congressional investigators. “Put simply, I don’t believe the handling of the material I have by the FBI is ethically or morally right. But my lawyer’s advice — that I simply put my SSA on notice should cover me — is that I have completed CYA [Cover Your Ass], and I have done so,” Robertson wrote. “Further, I was told by [Kramer] that should I ‘whistleblow,’ I will be prosecuted.” Shifty Adam Schiff wouldn’t protect him for an instant.

When James Comey testified to Congress, he talked about a few, hand picked example emails. As Robertson asserts, the Federal Bureau of Instigation is sitting on “20 times more emails than Comey testified to. While Comey did not know at the time about what I have, people in the FBI do now.” They’re being silent and won’t stand for it. “If I say or do nothing more, I am falling short ethically and morally.”


  1. So just publish all of these emails now-if they haven’t been cleaned with bleachbit by the FBI, too. What makes me feel safe at night is the knowledge that this FBI is on the job 24/7/365 and the bad guys don’t stand a chance against these intrepid bloodhounds. NOT!

  2. Our government is so crooked! Guilty people go unpunished. Somewhere I read that past presidents do not go to jail or become indicted for their wrong doings. WHY THE FU-K NOT? Hillary should be in JAIL and tried for treason!

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