Clinton, Rice, And Obama Sweating Bullets As New Evidence Emerges


Hillary Clinton colluded with Russians – to falsely accuse Donald Trump of colluding with Russians. The FBI was caught holding the smoking gun while standing over the still warm body. When the investigators are investigating the investigators nothing ever seems to happen. This time, Attorney John Durham is expected to turn the tables and do something different. New evidence from Christopher Steele’s deposition has some big name political figures sweating bullets, Names like Clinton, Obama, and Rice.

The only candidate colluding with Russia was Hillary Clinton

Christopher Steele was recently interrogated by the Russian bankers who are suing him for lying about them. What he told them seems to prove there really was a candidate in the 2016 election “colluding” with Russia.

Hillary Clinton and her campaign paid Steele to dig up anything he could on Trump’s connections to Russia. The former British spy turned straight to his soviet contacts, including “intelligence sources that were still active inside the Kremlin.

Well, actually only one source. Steele’s “primary sub-source” passed along whatever Putin and the Russian leadership wanted Steele to hear, none of it true.

Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton “both knew about his anti-Trump activities.” It’s almost certain that Rice “briefed” a friend of both Steele and Clinton, Strobe Talbott, about the operation. Steele testified, “State official Jonathan Winer and Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland set up a meeting.” They met “to discuss the dossier research.” That may have been specifially to “open the doors for a meeting with State [Department] officials.”

Eventually, Steele came right out and admitted Hillary knew all about it. At first he mentioned that the campaign knew everything he did because they paid him for it. When pressed he admitted “the leadership” of the campaign knew. The interrogating lawyer wanted him to spell it out. “You also understood that Hillary Clinton herself was aware of what you were doing?” Oh sure, Steele replied, “I think Glenn had mentioned it, but I wasn’t clear,” Glenn would be Glenn Simpson, head of Fusion GPS and Steele’s handler.

The FBI and DOJ knew he lied and covered it up

When Steele was grilled by the Russian bankers suing him for lying about them, he admitted he doesn’t have a single shred of evidence to back up even one of his ridiculous claims. They may not have been true, but they ruined a whole lot of lives. Starting with Trump associate Carter Page. The DOJ covered up for the FBI after they caught Steel lying, so they could wiretap Page. They knew by then that the only reason Page was talking to Russians was as a “CIA asset” trying to put them in jail. That’s not what they told the court.

The Federal Bureau of Instigation and their handlers in the Department of Injustice swore up and down to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that every word Steele uttered was the gospel truth, even after they already knew there wasn’t a word of truth in any of it. Watergate pales by comparison.

Steele’s “mission to get dirt on Trump” was quickly “weaponized by the Justice Department to secure a spy warrant on Carter Page.” Thanks to Inspector General Michael Horowitz, “Department of Justice officials omitted or excluded exculpatory evidence during the process of obtaining the warrant.”

For a few years now, the public has known the FBI and DOJ were at the core of the conspiracy, aided by the CIA, NSA and other intelligence agencies. Now we know that the State Department was in on the plot too. The next big question is what did Obama know and when did he know it. He seems to be implicated up to his “Dumbo” ears.


  1. Of course it was Hillary all time. This is what the Democrats do, commit the atrocity, and pin it on Trump. That trick is as old as Hillary’s depends.

  2. Going all way back to 1850, the Democrats have cheated in every election to gain power. This party should be dissolved never to rise again, History is full of Democrat Party machines controlling Cities and States, yet for Party Political reason these leeches are never jailed! Only occasionally will some Party member screw up so bad as to embarrass the Party will they be tried and convicted.
    Question: name ONE Republican political machine ruling any City in USA?

      1. I am Fed Up as well you moderating my posts. Im only telling the truth. But the truth hurts your innocent ears doesnt it??? COWARDS! Thats why our country is in trouble The assault on first amendment on conservatives and your idiocy that the left will save this nation.! YOU are ignorant. They will come after you as well sooner or later.

  3. The others are just stooges but ObAMam frm his very first day in Office HAS BEEN A LETHAL LEFTIST TRYING TO IMPLEMENT HIS NOTION OF “FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE,” by dividing this country racially in cancelling the progress made my Marin Luther King and his followers for decades, Then he went nuts over reaching and controlling with idiotic regulations, just about every business imaginable. He is funded heavily By George Soros, a naturaluzed U.S. citizen since 1961, the year of Obama’s birth and . the secretary at K’aapolalani Hospital in Honolulu who signed his Hawaiian birth certificate , since disputed by Obama’s grandmother and half brother , Malik in Kenya, was the ONLY death in a small plane crash off the Hawaiian Cost in April of 2012., when NO ONE ELSE was even injured! Whatever has been divulged and uncovered should have these treasonous trolls in sweats and I hope they are ALL indicted, charged and tried for both sedition and high treason and the if found guilty after trials in complete DUE PROCESS never afforded to duly elected President Donald Trump, PUNISHED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE APPROPRIATE PENALTIES FOUND IN U.S. CODE CHAPTER 18 WHICH DEFINES WHAT CONSTITUTES SUCH ACTS AND ALSO GIVES THE PENALTIES FOR THOSE FOUND GUILTY. The swamp needs to be cleared and Strictly Enforced Term Limits FORCED on these reptiles for the sake of our freedoms and choices and our very sovereignty and the future in freedom and choices of our progeny!.! period. Getting rid of indoctrination by unionized Marxist teachers would be an immense improvement. It has been a national curse since 1969!

  4. Just despicable what these ‘things’ have done to our country. I hope & pray that they get their just rewards this time. Go Durham go & get em now!!! GO TRUMP GO… 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️

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