Barr Issues Ominous Warning on China

Heed his warning!
William Barr
Photo Courtesy of The White House via Creative Commons License

Attorney General William Barr is clearly on the same page as our President, issuing a stern warning about China.

Barr, while speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, stated, “Their goal is the eventual demise of capitalism.”

China’s Big Theft

The major problem with China, according to Barr and many experts, is intellectual property theft.

Barr stated, “It has been estimated that the annual cost to the U.S. economy could be $600 billion.”

According to numerous reports, officials are very concerned that China will try to work its way to the front of the race for 5G technology.

Most experts agree the switch to 5G will be a huge leap in technology like nothing we have seen in recent years.

Barr stated, “The Chinese are using every lever of power to expand their 5G market share around the globe.”

Right now, Huawei is leading the way, but Barr is hoping to spur advancements by Nokia and Ericsson to take a bite out of the Chinese company’s advancements.

John Demers, the Assistant Attorney General for the National Security Division, stated, “China wants the fruits of America’s brainpower to harvest the seeds of its planned economic dominance.”

Christopher Wray, the FBI Director, also chimed in, stating, “This is not about Chinese Americans.

“It’s about the Chinese government and the Communist Party… They are willing to steal their way up the ladder, at our expense.”

This has been on Trump’s radar for some time and it will surely come into play with the new trade agreement that Trump is working on with the Chinese.

Phase One has already been signed and the next phase of the deal is expected to start being negotiating very soon.

There have been conflicting reports on this, however, with the Chinese being very ambiguous about it while the Trump administration has stated it expects this to begin within the next few months.

  1. I have decided to do my best not to buy from China.I just watched a program about dogs developing kidney problems and dying after eating pet treats made in China. And now we have to watch out for the Corona virus also manufactured by China. I believe they are trying to wipe out most of the population of our world.

  2. Yes, the Chinese have been poisoning us all along, by sending us Oxycontin and those types of drugs to be sold on the black market to kill our children and our people, as well as poisoning our dog food, putting plastics and paint that is toxic on children’s toys, making parts for our jet engines that are faulty and need replacement chronically. So how can we trust them to manufacture our drugs and medicines that we use and need on an ongoing basis if they can’t be trusted with our pets and babies!? What are we thinking? I guess Obama was happy about the poisons and toxic products they are sending SINCE HE GAVE THEM A MULTI MILLION DOLLAR GRANT TO DEVELOP EVEN MORE POISON FOR OUR COUNTRY AND THE WORLD TO ‘EVEN OUT THE POPULATION’!
    I think we ought to boycott all China made products. I also think there was a problem with the baby seats they were making, causing them to break down in an accident to kill or harm the child. SO SICKENING!

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