Japan Just Got Revenge on China That Will Be Felt For Generations

Japan Prime Minister

Japan will now use more than $2.2 billion of its coronavirus economic stimulus package as an incentive to motivate increased Japanese manufacturing. This country plans to attempt to persuade its manufacturers to move production out of China and bring it back to Japan. This comes on the heels of the deteriorating relationship between the neighboring countries as the coronavirus pandemic rages on.  

An expansive $2 billion is provided for manufacturers in a record stimulus plan offered by Japan. It has joined many other countries around the world that have embraced stimulus packages to try and ward off a financial catastrophe.

Japan’s announcement came in the same month that Chinese President XI Jinping was set to visit for the first time in over a decade. Japan and several other countries have been swift to criticize China for lying about the severity of the virus and trying to conceal the outbreak without making it publicly known.

Unclear Future Trade between Japan and China 

China is Japan’s most significant trading participant, so this is a very bold move on Japan’s part. Back in February, Chinese factories began to shut down in an effort to reduce the spread of the virus. Due to this, exports to Japan dropped nearly 50%. The big hit in the supply chain caused Japanese manufacturing to be negatively affected. The combination of this caused the Japanese government to reduce its future reliance on China.

“We are doing our best to resume economic development,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said regarding Japan’s decision during a press conference in Beijing.“In this process, we hope other countries will act like China and take proper measures to ensure the world economy will be impacted as little as possible and to ensure that supply chains are impacted as little as possible.”

Japan’s Still Friendly With China 

Even though Japan has placed due blame on China for its negligent action in this virus catastrophe, Japan has given aide to China. Japan has donated masked and other protective equipment to the country that is at fault for the rapid spread of COVID-19.

“Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Japanese government and people have expressed sympathy, understanding, and support to us,” Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying said in early 2020. 

Trump Was Right About China All Along 

The U.S. and China have been battling since 2018 when President Trump enforced tariffs on Chinese imports. President Trump has been insisting for years that the United States has been to economically reliant on China. It took a global pandemic to show that he was right all along.

When the president first started imposing tariffs, liberals declared that this “trade war” would severely hinder the U.S. economy. The reason they gave was that we’ve been so heavily reliant on cheap Chinese imports for decades. However, it was China who took the economic blow, all while our economy continued to break records.

The coronavirus showed other countries, such as Japan, the importance of limiting reliance on China. Also, Trump was vindicated when the world, including liberals, decided to finally back border control. When the president put travel restrictions early in 2020 when news of China’s coverup of the virus started coming to light, the media and the Left called him racist and said he was overreacting. Well, that didn’t age well.

  1. That’s the way Japan, and America and any Country with brains and moral Integrity! Sadly China has a financial grip on Africa because African people are gullible to money!

  2. Well done Japan. Smart thinki8ng. America too God bless. Sadly China has its tentacles in Africa

  3. Our Socialist , Liberal , Communist , Progressive Useful Idiots have been Pandering to and Advocating for Communist China ever since they gave Slick Willy Clinton Ten Million Dollars to get Him elected , The first thing Slick Willy is commit an act of treason and sell Us our to the Communist Chinese on many different levels , But now I hope even the America Hating Liberal Demonic Rats see and learn what Communism truly is and how evil Communism is

  4. imagine the pee-lose-it woman is still on China’ side and wants to investigate Trump instead of China. how did this woman get appointed peaker ? it musst be for her sub zero iq result. and yes, you will probably moderate my comment as usual but its the truth!

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