Waters Drops Bombshell About Biden Campaign

Maxine Waters
Photo via Air.TV Video Screenshot (via Washington Examiner)

Rep. Maxine Waters just had the opportunity to give Joe Biden a huge boost, but she decided to punt instead.


When asked directly if she thought Biden could beat Trump, she stated, “I don’t know, but we’ll see.”

Ye of Little Faith

Joe Biden might play good for the cameras, but he does not seem to be able to win over every member of his party.

Waters did not necessarily have to endorse Joe Biden, but something along the lines of “whoever we put out there will beat Trump” would have worked for her party.

Instead, she showed the doubt we all know exists within the party that Joe Biden is the man for the job.


Waters also proved Donald Trump is living deep inside her head.

When the reporter asked her about Trump exploiting the many Biden gaffes on the campaign trail, Waters went ballistic about Trump (click here to see full video).

This is a perfect representation of the Democrat party when it comes to Trump these days.

Even amid a health and economic crisis, they simply refuse to work with or endorse anything he does.

They are determined to beat him at all costs, even it if means putting someone in the White House that is likely to need his address pinned around his neck on inauguration day.

The fact that Democrats refuse to address these issues, or even discuss them, is amazing, but there is clearly doubt, as we saw from Waters.

Their doubt is why they have resorted to fearmongering about the coronavirus and blaming the outbreak on Trump.

Nobody blamed Obama when the H1N1 outbreak happened; everyone worked together to ensure the emergency was dealt with and eradicated as soon as possible.

Today, Dems are offering a doomsday narrative so that come election day, all voters are thinking about is blaming Trump for every case and every death that happened in this country.

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