Bernie Supporters Left Totally Speechless After Recent Rally

Nobody saw this coming.
Bernie Sanders
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The last two weeks have not been good for Bernie Sanders and he knows it.


His confidence took a massive blow, and it showed up when he openly admitted he is “losing the debate over electability” during this campaign…

Down but Not Out

There is no sugarcoating how this election is going for Bernie Sanders.

After New Hampshire, Iowa, and Nevada, he had Joe Biden on the ropes.

South Carolina kept Joe Biden alive, but he still needed help to keep his campaign going.

Biden got that help when only 24 hours before voting was to start, both Buttigieg and Klobuchar dropped out of the race.

Up until that point, Sanders was leading in more than half the Super Tuesday states, including both California and Texas.

When the dust settled, Biden stole Texas, Minnesota, and Massachusetts right out from under Biden, states that all probably would have fallen his way had Warren also dropped out.

That night changed the entire course of the election in what equated to a gutshot to Sanders, with a stiff follow-up uppercut the following week.

Now, it is Sanders on the ropes instead of Joe Biden.

Upcoming Schedule

Even though most party members are now calling for Sanders to step aside, he will at least debate Joe Biden on Sunday night and stick around for one more round of voting.

Arizona, Florida, Illinois, and Ohio all vote this Tuesday, and it is likely to be Sanders’ last stand.

The bad news for Sanders is that the last two weeks have vaulted Joe Biden to the lead whereas, before Super Tuesday, Sanders was ahead in every one of these states.

Suddenly, a man with borderline dementia is deemed to be more electable than a socialist that many view as a communist.

Once Sanders does drop out, he is going to have to somehow convince his voters to get behind a man that embodies the establishment, something they all hate as much as Trump supporters.

As it did in 2016, this will likely discourage them rather than encourage them, which will lead to low turnout and disgruntled younger Americans who will likely riot in Milwaukee during the convention and throughout the United States on election day if Donald Trump wins re-election.

  1. That Biden and Sanders weren’t laughed out of the room when each announced that they were running for president absolutely boggles the mind!
    A choice between a senile pedophile and a pro-Islam communist is NOT an acceptable choice!

  2. This bobble-head Communist (forget about Socialist) needs to just move to Russia…him and his fugly wife…who hopefully will be imprisoned for her corruption with relation to her running a college into the ground.

  3. One might ask Bernie if he ever actually believed he could get elected… or once again, was just providing a ‘circle jerk’ for attaining notice for himself.
    House number four on the way?

    1. The Bernster has never wanted to be in the Oral Orifice. He has never run anything, never prodeced anything, never been accountable for any big decisions. He is a carper, a complainer, an agitator, not a leader. The last place in the world he would be happy is as the Man with Whom the Buck Stops. BUT he excels in winning the allegiance of fellow wackjobs, then selling them out to Party Elders for Cayman Island bank accounts and mansions. Quite a lucrative racket, really.

      1. Hell, he hasn’t even produced any legislation, much like Hillary only he has been in the Congress a lot longer than Hillary was.

  4. Bernie Sanders is everything this country does not need. Not enough negatives in Webster’s to describe him.

  5. I saw where one of his events, which I guess was a town hall type of event, was held in a room that held 98 people, and 43 of the seats were filled by “seat fillers,” which are people that are paid to be there to give the impression that the place is full of supporters when it really is not.

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