Russia Ukraine Hoax is Still On, Democrats Now Targeting Devin Nunes


Democrats have suddenly become convinced that Devin Nunes is in the middle of a secret plot to help Ukraine destroy Joe Biden ahead of the election. Still holding on to their dashed hopes of Russian and Ukrainian dirty tricks, they’re demanding to know what’s in the super-secret box Andrii Derkach sent to Nunes and other Republican lawmakers by DHL during the impeachment circus.

A box of Ukraine dirt

Andrii Derkach, a lawmaker in the Ukraine with pro-Kremlin proclivities, sent a DHL delivery to Devin Nunes and some other conservative lawmakers in December of 2019. Leaks around the beltway suggest they contained “allegations” about Joe Biden. They may or may not be true, but the Democrats are drooling to get a peek at what’s in them.

Nunes keeps warning them not to touch it, because if they do, it will explode. He didn’t even want to declassify a note attached to a letter which mentioned what might be in the box. He knows the second that even that much of the Ukraine file gets turned over to the full House, it will leak. In fact, it probably already has and he can’t wait for the FBI investigations to begin.

At Wednesday’s closed door hearing, the House Intelligence Committee voted along party lines to declassify a top-secret “addendum to a letter top House and Senate Democrats released earlier this month.” That letter demanded the FBI to tell Congress all about the “specific” evidence they’re allegedly holding “of a foreign effort to interfere in the 2020 election.” Democrats are convinced intelligence reports exist which indicate “a foreign power was seeking to influence congressional actions in a way that was meant to weigh on the election between Biden and President Donald Trump.” They may be falling right into the trap too. They may find out the Ukraine does have solid evidence against Joe Biden.

Democrat lawmaker gets offensively hostile

Immediately after the vote was counted in favor of the liberals, New York Democrat Patrick Maloney got so offensively hostile with Minority Leader Nunes that other members of the committee are considering ethics charges. Maloney went on the attack demanding to know if Nunes “is prepared to disclose to the committee whether he has received materials that have been called into question in the public reports from Andrii Derkach and, if so, whether he is prepared to share them with the rest of the committee.” Nunes just sat there. He can’t wait to see the look on the Democrat’s faces when they find out the Ukraine scandal involving Biden gets him arrested just before the election. Nunes will grin from ear to ear as he chuckles, “I told you so.”

Chairman shifty Adam Schiff couldn’t help jumping in. “Does the ranking member wish to respond?” Nunes simply replied, “no.” Maloney took that as a total victory and claimed it didn’t matter anyway. He looked smug when he announced “committee staffers are ‘in possession of evidence that a package was received.'” They have “a DHL shipping receipt from the Ukraine that was sent to the Intelligence Committee’s majority office shortly after the package was sent to Nunes.” So what. Now, they think they can read Devin Nunes’ mail any time they want.

The way Devin Nunes sees it, sharing the Ukraine material contained in the addendum is nothing but “an effort to distort and weaponize classified information for political gain.” What’s in there is “extremely sensitive” and could be total lies, then again it could be true and totally damaging to Joe Biden. “This document contains extremely sensitive information that Democrats will leak if the document is made available to the full House. That is a fact, and that is the intent. In fact, some of this information may have already been leaked, a matter I hope the FBI is investigating.”

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