Biden Hit With LAWSUITS From 20 States!


Joe Biden, in his imperial wisdom, decided to grant “parole” to 120 thousand migrants a month. He’s already been sued by 20 states who say that’s not legal. Mayorkas can do it on a case-by-case basis but the scale Biden is attempting amounts to rewriting the immigration laws. Migrants are rushing to get here before the lawsuits get the plan scrapped. Miami International Airport is scrambling to keep up, as “hundreds of migrants flew in.

Get parole while you can

The word is out among the migrant community to get your butt to America for parole, while the getting is good. Hundreds just arrived by air in Miami, thanks to the new app they have for that.

Fox News blames the influx on the conservative states who sued the imperial palace. “Since 20 GOP-led states filed a lawsuit Tuesday,” they write, against Biden’s sketchy scheme, “migrants are now rushing to fly into the United States.

Hundreds of migrants,” they report, “flew into the Miami International Airport Thursday and Friday from Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Haiti.” Every one of them coming to America are doing it “legally under the parole program.

The “legally” part is currently only a matter of opinion. Mayorkas unilaterally decided at the last minute that we will “allow 30,000 migrants from four countries to enter each month.” Figuring out where to put them and what to feed them are entirely different stories.

Joe Biden’s new guests are arriving early for the big parole party. “Migrant families are now coming to the United States earlier than expected after the lawsuit.” The reason why is glaringly obvious. Fear “the program could end.” One traveler’s sponsoring relative, Yazmin Reyes, vocalized what all the fast moving migrants suddenly realized.

My family particularly thought that if we couldn’t push up the flight, she wouldn’t have the chance. We made a decision to do it really fast because you know, we really just have one chance to do it and if we didn’t do it now we couldn’t ever bring her back.” Back being Cuba.

An app for that

The entire platform is reportedly melting down like the Obamacare website for migrants massed along the Mexican border but it worked just great for “Abuela” to get clearance for takeoff, Reyes relates.

Yazmin’s grandmother, Doral, applied for the parole program from her cellphone. The approval process took six days in total.” Grandma is on her way, too.

My grandmother… we really need her, and we wanted to take the opportunity to take her here so that she would live a better life,” Reyes explained. “Because in Cuba, it’s not the best place to live, and it’s really hard to get a job or find food.

They’re grabbing the chance at parole before they’re stuck. A whole group of Venezuelan migrants  got a red carpet welcome as they “also reunited with family at the Miami International Airport, welcomed with celebratory balloons and ‘Welcome to America’ signs.

Texas was the first to file suit and Idaho the latest to join in. Filed federally in the Southern District of Texas, a total of 20 states want the program blocked and blocked now. Joe Biden came up with a plot which “amounts to the creation of a new visa program that allows hundreds of thousands of aliens to enter the United States who otherwise have no basis for doing so.” Once they’re here, what are ya gonna do? Send them back?

Parole is only the next step toward total amnesty for all. That’s why Immigration Attorney Eduardo Soto advises everyone with the chance to join the stampede. “People are very nervous. People are moving up their flights. I, in fact, have instructed my clients I represent in the program to move swiftly in their case. You never know when a stay could be in place, and it could happen at any moment.

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