Biden Just Did It, And It’s Documented

President Biden press conference

The Joe Biden “I’m Gonna Sell You on a Bill I Already Signed into Law” tour made its first stop in Chester, Pennsylvania. The president visited Smith Flooring. This was the kickoff of his “victory lap” that lasted all of three minutes. Where he barely mentioned the bill. And the press was escorted away quickly after he asked if there were any questions. Which is a thing that sometimes happens at Biden events.


Biden trying to convince Americans he’s doing a good job

I should throw an “allegedly” in here because I wasn’t there myself. Here’s how it’s reported by the New York Post. Biden spoke for about 3 minutes with the owners of Smith Flooring Inc in Chester, Pa., before reporters were escorted out, with almost no mention of his first major legislative achievement as president.

“More help is on the way, for real. Do you have questions for me — at all?” Biden asked.

The store owner said no, but thanked him. Here’s how it looked via a NowThis livestream. Audio didn’t pick up exactly what Biden’s handlers said.

Nobody is excited to see Sleepy Joe and Cackling Kamala

The phrase “low energy” comes to mind. President Trump was like the Grateful Dead when he went on tour. Long performances, multiple encores, and with a passionate fan base following him around the country. Joe Biden is a three-minute man. He looked like the local act who sets up in front of the main act at a local bar.

I suppose there’s a chance the rest of the day was nothing but barn-burning performances with multiple questions from the press. I highly doubt it, because … it’s Joe Biden. He most likely had to be woken up before this event.

Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Obama, or whoever is actually running things at the White House, are very careful to keep Joe hidden away from the press and public as much as possible. Whenever he steps outside he makes some sort of gaffe, or trips up a flight of stairs and blames it on the wind. Meanwhile Americans and the rest of the world just looks on and shakes their heads in disbelief. This is the guy who got 81 million votes?

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