Biden’s Woke Military Holds Disgusting Drag Show, Drag Story Time for Young Kids


Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana ended the month of June with another of the horrifying displays which are becoming a common sight in the new US military. The disgusting event featured a number of men in grotesque outfits exposing young children to deviant sexual fetishism with the full support and encouragement of the base. More disturbingly, Malmstrom was not the only Air Force base to hold a “drag queen story hour.”


Military hosts drag queens for kids on base

“Drag queen story hour” has been a very strange phenomenon in American over the last several years. It is a horror show that arouses widespread disgust every time, yet it keeps happening.

Even the most liberal organizations are aware at this point that most of America finds these things to be utterly repulsive and equally contrary to Christian values and good taste.

So who still has an interest in making young children spend time with creeps in bizarre costumes at the expense of their own reputation? The United States Air Force apparently.

Like all American military bases, Malmstrom is devoting itself to the values of the new regime. The base hosted a full month of pride celebrations which culminated in the drag queen event.

“It was pride that changed angels into devils” Saint Augustine said, but that hasn’t bothered the good people of Malmstrom Air Force Base, whose social media is covered with declarations about how important it is to celebrate pride.

The final pride month celebration was evidently attended by a large number of military families who were willing to take their children to the drag event.

Slippery slope

The leaders of the military in 2021 may not know how to win real wars, but they evidently have a great understanding of how to win the culture war we find ourselves in.

Exposing military children to something like drag queen story hour is teaching future generations of potential leaders that this sort of thing is completely normal and patriotic.

It would be difficult to overstate how insidious such a display is. Like teaching critical race theory to new recruits, this is an intentional brainwashing effort by the Biden Administration and the leadership of the military.

The slippery slope is a fallacy according to the left, but like many Americans I remember being told by politicians a decade ago that eliminating “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” would not disrupt the culture of the military at all.

Now the United States Air Force is actively pushing military families to spend an entire month dedicating themselves and their children to an overt celebration of sexuality.

Drag queen story hour on an Air Force base would have been too outlandish to imagine a decade ago. In 2021 it is rapidly becoming the norm.

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