HERE is What Biden is Using Your Tax Dollars on Now


Secretary of Veteran Affairs Denis McDonough announced at a recent pride event that the Biden Administration will be moving to offer sex change surgeries using taxpayer dollars. One of the first actions of the Biden Administration after taking office was the overturning of a ban on transgender individuals in the military which was implemented by President Trump. The Biden Administration predicts that many veterans will take advantage of the future offers.

Biden Administration to fund transgender surgeries

The National Center for Transgender Equality suggests that there are as many as 134,000 transgender veterans and 15,000 active duty transgender individuals.

The basis for this estimate is unclear, but the Department of Defense under Biden has been very enthusiastic in promoting the LGBT etc. presence in the military in concert with their attempts to root out political dissidents.

Regardless of the numbers, tax dollars are to be diverted to funding sex change operations for these individuals under the policies being reviewed for adoption by the Biden Administration.

According to McDonough, funding for these operations is vital because transgender veterans are far more likely than others to be homeless, unemployed, or suicidal.

Unfortunately, these conditions are often faced by those suffering from mental illness, as Representative Matt Rosendale acknowledged in his criticism of the announcement.

Rosendale said that the Biden Administration shows “no concern” for the actual wellbeing of veterans suffering from mental illnesses after their service.

Denis McDonough

Targeting vulnerable veterans

For those facing these conditions, the surgeries being offered by the Department of Veteran Affairs are statistically very likely to make things far worse.

“Gender confirmation surgery” is a polite euphemism for a procedure which is, to the average person, almost unspeakably disgusting and horrific in addition to being terribly unscientific.

Those who receive the procedures often agree. A Swedish study found that individuals who undergo these procedures are 19 times more likely to commit suicide compared to the general population.

Other studies have found identical results indicating that people who undergo these “surgeries” experience no improvement in their mental health and are in fact more likely to attempt suicide.

Veterans, who already suffer from higher than average suicide rates, will be encouraged by the Biden Administration to receive operations which can only worsen their conditions.

American taxpayers will have to fund these Frankenstein procedures, willingly or not, which will undoubtedly harm many vulnerable veterans.

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