Big Time Human Trafficking Leader Busted


An infamous human trafficking leader in Denver, Colorado has received a sentence of 304 years in prison.


Chauncey Price ran a massive human trafficking and forgery ring that took part in most of the Denver metro area.

Big Sentence for Trafficking Leader

The hefty sentence was announced on October 8 after a jury found Price guilty on 13 counts. The counts included human trafficking for sexual servitude, forgery and pandering of a child.

The 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office said that this is one of the longest sentences ever given for human trafficking in Colorado history and even for this type of crime nationwide.

“This is not a normal sentence, but this was not a normal crime. You are not a defendant who deserves a minimum sentence,” Judge Theresa Slade told Price during sentencing. “You were a master at victimizing these women. … There is absolutely nothing this court can do to make these women whole.”

Victims Come Forward

During the trial, three of Prices victims gave testimony, WHAS II reports. The victims relayed that the 30-year-old trafficker forced them into sex with strangers in return for money that they had to give to him.

Reports from the DA’s office show that one of the victims claims that Price threatened to kill her sister if she did not work for him.

“I want to make it clear that I came forward to save others from him … He exploited young girls, controlled them and manipulated them. He will continue to do that if he ever gets out,” the victim said.

More Charges

Others connected in the case are five co-defendants who were part of drug trafficking and creating counterfeit money.

In a Colorado area, the longest human trafficking case in the state was in Arapahoe County in 2017. Brock Franklin was sentenced by a judge to 400 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections.

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