Colorado Lawmakers Crumble to Rioters and Protesters

Protestors make barricades in the street during clashes with police in Barcelona, Spain, Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019. Spain’s government said Wednesday it would do whatever it takes to stamp out violence in Catalonia, where clashes between regional independence supporters and police have injured more than 200 people in two days. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

In Colorado, Democrats hold the majority at every level: House, Senate, and Governorship. So it is really no surprise that this state’s lawmakers are folding to rioters’ demands.

Democrats Push Police Bill 

On Wednesday afternoon, Senate Bill 20-217 was introduced in the Colorado state senate. The bill is commonly being referred to as the Enhance Law Enforcement Integrity Act and has rioters and Democrats alike singing its praises.

The 16-page bill details a variety of things, including police liability and the use of chokeholds. So far, 19 senators and 42 representatives have signed on as sponsors – all democrats at this point, Denver 7 reported

Some of the things the bill requires includes:

Each state and local agency that employs peace officers shall report to the attorney general:

  • All use of force by its officers that results in death or serious bodily injury;
  • All instances when an officer resigned while under investigation for violating department policy;
  • All data relating to stops conducted by its peace officers; and
  • All data related to the use of an unannounced entry by a peace officer.

The bill requires the P.O.S.T. board to create and maintain a database containing information related to a peace officer’s:

  • Untruthfulness;
  • Repeated failure to follow P.O.S.T. board training requirements;
  • Decertification; and
  • Termination for cause.

Rep. Leslie Herod is the primary source behind the bill and accompanied representatives from American Civil Liberties Union when the bill was first introduced. 

Republicans Might Compromise 

Some Republicans are saying they are willing to work alongside Democrats going forward. 

“Currently, the bill is so big if this was a normal session it would have been divided up into five or six or seven bills and debated over months of time,” said Sage Naumann, the communication director for the Senate Republican caucus. “The first thing that comes to mind is wow this is a lot at once, which is fine. We’re willing to take on a big task.”

Republicans are doing their due diligence and have been speaking with law enforcement to get a better idea of what the bill would entail. 

Colorado is currently facing substantial budget troubles, and this bill comes with a serious cost. 

“There’s a lot in the bill about data collection. Data is something we want to have, we want full transparency, but the question becomes how do we collect the data and how do we aggregate the data,” Naumann said.

Republicans and local law officials are looking for practical means for the future. The idea is floated around that officers who witness a fellow officer using excessive force but fail to report that could face charges themselves. 

Democrat’s Riot Hypocrisy Exposed 

Like most Democrat ruled bills, this bill leaves room for a slippery slope of bad ideas – namely suing police officers continuously. 

Violent protests have descended onto the Denver city, where the Capitol has been shot at and vandalized. Despite curfews being put in place, rioters ignore the rules and continue to wreak havoc.  

While state Democrats, including Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, came out hard against protestors wanting the state to reopen in the wake of strict coronavirus lockdowns, their support for the rioters is telling. 

Peaceful protestors who wanted to limit the governor’s power were condemned, but when the violent rioters came, the Democrats caved away. 

  1. This chaos proves that we do need AR-15s (and tons of ammo), because the government will not be there to protect us.

    1. Exactly. those who want to rely solely on government are lining up to become serfs in their own country.


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