They Just Caught a Democratic Operative on Hot Mic Leaking Their Violent Plans

Democratic party operative Project Veritas

A newly-released undercover video from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas shows a member of the Colorado Democratic Party Executive and Central Committees advocating for using violence to achieve political goals, and stating that it is “morally acceptable” to lie, cheat, and steal in order to win.

Listed on the Weld County Democratic Party’s website as the “chair of our revolution weld county, and a member of the Colorado Democratic Party Executive and Central Committees,” Kristopher Jacks represents the leftward lurch that has taken over the Democrat party.

“We’ve been following Kris Jacks for a long time. We first met him, during the presidential primary race. Now, we have caught up with him in Colorado. Jacks represents the radical wing of the Democratic Party in Colorado–he is someone most Americans should be afraid of,” Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe said in a statement.

“I want to make this point very loudly and very clearly. I said it nicely before, but I’ll say it more curtly now. 2020 is a political revolution. I am going to do everything morally acceptable to win. I will lie. I will cheat. I will steal. Because that’s morally acceptable in this political environment,” Jacks said in the video.

“Well, when it comes to civil war, violence type stuff there’s always military guys, like former guys that stand up for the right thing–when that time comes, then we gotta get some of those type people involved. If you want to do some Versailles shit. If you want to do some Antifa shit. You really want to change this country that way, with violence, there’s only one way to do it. You gotta get people that are close to billionaires and start just, random billionaires start turning up dead. And nobody knows what the f**ks going on. Nobody knows. Nope, I don’t know. They just turned up dead. And just three or four of ‘em is all it’s going to take,” Jacks said.

“All it’s going to take is a pattern of I don’t know, I don’t know man. I don’t know what happened. Just showed up that way. I walked in. That’s how it was. That’s the only way that’s, you do that to three or four people enough to say that this is a pattern, and this is why – draw a dollar sign on their desk or whatever you do, that’s what it’s going to take. It’s going to take a strategic hit against the .1% that’s in charge, cause that’s who it is. Killing random Nazis in the street, random f**king bootlickers,” he added.

“I do think there needs to be a militant group and I love Antifa for that reason. I love that there’s – you always have to have somebody that’s willing to hold up the flag and say nope, this is the line in the sand and we’re the ones holding that line,” Jacks continued.

In the video, Jacks describes exactly what Republicans have feared about a Joe Biden presidency. He says that Biden has a “functioning signing hand,” and will sign leftist legislation when it comes across his desk, or else he will face consequences.

Jacks’ name has since been removed from the Weld County Democratic Party’s website.

Jacks has also been suspended from his job:

Here is the full video from Project Veritas:

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  1. It is always great to hear losers justify their evil intent with circuitous logic! As much of the arguments center around so many false statements and charges against the President, I assume it is only reasonable that people like this feel free to sink to despicable levels. They know that they have no legit arguments to make America believe that they hold the moral high ground. Case in point!

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