Breaking: Dem Civil War Erupts With Name-Calling, Leaks


Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) can barely seem to keep ‘her House’ in order and had to confiscate the cell phones of Democrat members prior to their October 1st full-caucus meeting with Joe Biden after the entire contents of the morning meeting were leaked to the press with Jake Sherman of Punchbowl News. So what was released that freaked out Nancy so badly? The Democrats are coming apart, calling names and secret leaks, on the brink of an internal, quiet civil war and it’s obvious for anyone to see.


After the Sept. 30th meeting of the Caucus was live-leaked, Congressman Jared Huffman, (D-CA) who sits with the far-left radical Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) took issue with the unidentified leaker calling them a “schmuck” and a “coward,”

According to The Daily Caller News Foundation,

“After Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar accused Manchin and Sinema of being closet Republicans, Manchin slammed her priorities as “fiscal insanity.”

“He’s saying that the president is insane,” Washington Rep. and CPC chairwoman Pramila Jayapal shot back.

Sources in the meeting report that Biden discussed lowering the topline of the massively swollen bill from the absurd, far-leftist figure of $3.5 trillion to something a little more palatable to moderates like West Virginia’s Sen. Joe Manchin and Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema “somewhere between $1.9 and $2.1 Trillion” according to Fortune, a large cut to be sure but still four-hundred Billion over the $1.5 Trillion cap that Manchin has adamantly called for.

Later the same week on October 7th the de facto most powerful man in the US Government today, dropped his face into his hands and shook his head in shame as Schumer fumed and bloviated. Only to leave the well of the Senate in disgust and chiding the Senate Majority Leader to the press,

“I didn’t think it was appropriate at this time,” he told reporters.

“We have to de-weaponize. You can’t be playing politics. None of us can — on both sides,” Manchin said. “Civility is gone.”

Battle Lines Are Drawn Within In The Democrat Party

The Leaks Are Showing The Cracks

In the Senate, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are together bearing the full brunt of 48 other Senators, the Majority Leader, the White House, and House Leadership arrayed against them. In the House of Representatives, however, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s grip seems to be beyond contestation… at least by the GOP, but she’s hemorrhaging support from the moderate left with Congressmen like Rep. Kurt Schrader, (D-OR) and Rep. Ed Case (D-HA) among other members such as Jim Costa, Carolyn Bourdeaux, Filemon Vela, Jared Golden, Vicente Gonzalez, Henry Cuellar, and Josh Gottheimer seemingly reluctant and lukewarm in their support.

“No fiscal cliffs. No illusions of balance when the practical reality is that it’s unbalanced. No suspensions of any of these programs after three years, and we’re going to have to deal with it then,” Case said. “I’m looking for a package [in which] you’re all in for the budget window on these or not.”

But the plot thickens still, and Manchin and Sinema have become even more critical to Democrats’ goals… now it seems they hold the keys to BOTH houses. reported, “The group of nine, along with Florida’s Stephanie Murphy, New York’s Kathleen Rice and potentially a few others who have yet to go public with their concerns, are prepared to oppose any House reconciliation package that doesn’t have the support of all 50 members of the Senate Democratic Caucus.” With 220 Democrats to 212 Republicans, even accounting for RINOs there are enough Democrats lining up with the two moderate Senators to stall Pelosi’s progress. Both Schumer and the House Speaker are LIVID about it and right now the hopes and prayers of conservatives everywhere rest in the hands of 13 Democrats, 11 in the House and 2 in the Senate. Welcome to peak 2021. The leaks and sniping are only the beginning.

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