Breaking: Maricopa County Audits Frustrating News

Breaking: Maricopa County Audits Frustrating News

The corrupt Democrats in charge of Maricopa County, Arizona are still finding new ways to prevent Senate Republicans from properly conducting an audit of the county’s 2020 election.

The left has been trying desperately to discredit the audit in Maricopa County. From Democrats in the mainstream media attempting to smear the audit and auditors, to the county refusing to comply with subpoenas, the left’s blatant refusal to allow transparency in the election process has been put on display for the whole world to see, yet they face no consequences.

The GOP Times reports: “Regardless of whether the fraud exists or not, the narrative that an audit is a bad idea is ridiculous. If the GOP is wrong, and the election was conducted perfectly, the audit will show that. If the Democrats are so innocent, why are they working so hard to stop any investigation into 2020?”

Previous Attempts to Stall the Audit

In one of their first attempts to prevent the audit, Maricopa County sued the Republican-led state Senate to avoid complying with subpoenas. In the lawsuit, they claimed that the Senate did not have the authority to issue subpoenas. Of course, the courts disagreed with the Democrats, confirming that the state Senate did have the necessary authority.

Later, the county said they would comply with the subpoena and give the routers to the auditors, but almost immediately changed their minds, stating that they could not turn them over for security reasons.

New Tactics

The Arizona Republican Party has been working hard to keep Arizona citizens, and the American people in general, up to date on their progress related to the audit.

In a recent video posted to their Twitter page, the Arizona GOP provided yet another update.

According to Arizona Senate President Karen Fann, the Maricopa County Democrats’ latest attempt to stall the audit was even more outrageous than the previous attempts.

Their latest stall tactic is to claim that “there were no routers at all,” Fann said in the audit update.

“PART 2: The lies continue from members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors as they refuse to turn over routers and comply with subpoenas. Stay tuned for Part 3,” the Arizona Republican Party wrote in their latest update.


The state GOP also provided another update video, delivered by Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward, which details Maricopa County’s long list of stall tactics.

“As we await the report from America’s Audit, it’s important to understand how certain officials, Democrats, & the media have attempted to delay the process at every turn. AZ voters deserve to know the truth about what’s happening,” the party tweeted.


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