Breaking News: Prominent Democrat Leader Announces Resignation


Word is hitting the street on Friday that one superstar Democrat, with a virtual lock on a second term as Mayor, is dropping out and calling it quits. Without giving any real reason why, the departing city official insists it has nothing to do with a family crisis or administrative scandal.

Democrat calls it quits

Departing Democrat Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, of Atlanta, Georgia broke the news quietly to friends, staffers and allies in a private phone call which quickly leaked to the press.

The news was confirmed by Mayor Bottoms herself in a press conference Friday. Local outlets rushed out bulletins quoting “two people who were on the call and several others who were told about it.”

Bottoms followed up the phone call to Democrat associates with a statement and video around 10:30 p.m. Thursday night, which verified the rumors as true.

Her and her husband Derek “have given thoughtful prayer and consideration to the season now before us, it is with deep emotions that I hold my head high, and choose not to seek another term as mayor.” She was already well on the way to taking the slot in a landslide so the move raises a lot of eyebrows.

Everyone says the Democrat mayor has a “rising national profile.” She had already started her campaign and coaxed Imperial Leader Joe Biden himself to appear at her March fundraiser.

It was Biden’s first since usurping office. He brought in “over $500,000 for Bottoms’ reelection bid.” They were all calling it a “sign of her strong financial standing and national political connections.”

A wide open race

The race for top Atlanta administrator just blew wide open and could end up going to a Republican instead of a Democrat. Mayor Bottoms recognizes that she’s taken a lot of heat after the riots in her city all last year. She’s used to taking abuse. “People are entitled to their opinions, but don’t ever question whether or not I care,” she said earlier this week.

“My love for this city is deeper than probably many others standing here because my family goes back 100 years in the city. So whether I am mayor of this city or not, I will do everything that I can possibly do to keep our communities safe.”

Bottoms isn’t talking about what her plans are for the future but everyone is convinced that there is nothing for the Democrat politically in the state of Georgia so she can’t have her eye on an in-State political promotion.

Speculation abounds that she may go to work for Walgreens but she denies it. Other rumors say she’s holding out for an office in the Imperial Palace. She isn’t denying those either.

Anxious Democrat observers note that “Bottoms did not rule out future political ambitions in her news conference nor in a letter she wrote to the City of Atlanta that was posted online late Thursday evening.”

The mayor did however, squash “speculation around her decision, including that her exit from the race was driven by a family crisis, administrative scandal or possible move to work for Walgreens, whose CEO, Rosalind Brewer, is a friend of the Bottoms family.”

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