Burglar Attacks Homeowner With Deadly Weapon, Officer Blasts the Rabid Criminal Just in the Nick of Time

Nathaniel Sironen Las vegas burglar shooting police robbery

Las Vegas police just fatally shot a burglar after he charged at the homeowner with a hammer. The entire incident was caught on the officer’s body camera. Crime rates are on the rise in Las Vegas this year.

Burglar shot dead by Las Vegas police

40-year-old Nathaniel Sironen was robbing a Las Vegas home in the early morning hours on Tuesday. The elderly residents, aged 76 and 73, were home at the time and frantically called police as the burglar ransacked the place. According to police, he broke into the residence armed with a hammer and demanded money and car keys from the homeowners. He then told the female resident she was “coming with him.”

Thankfully, police arrived just in time. When the officer came through the door, Nathaniel Sironen charged at one of the homeowners with his hammer. The officer fired several shots and the burglar was pronounced dead at the scene. Democrats want to “defund the police,” but they never think about incidents like this. Brave police officers charging into harm’s way to save innocent citizens from being murdered by some drugged up psychopath. Check out the horrifying video below.

Crime rising in Las Vegas

The Covid-19 lockdowns have destroyed Las Vegas. The Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak shut down the city for several months earlier this year, causing unemployment to spike to over 33%. The casinos reopened in June, but restrictions are still in place. No shows or conventions. Guests must wear a mask in casinos. Gaming rooms are capped at half capacity. Tables are limited to three players in order to maintain social distancing. Plexiglass barriers have been erected between players and dealers.

Tourism is still way down for a variety of reasons. Some tourists are still afraid of getting sick. Others are hurting financially after nine months of various lockdowns and restrictions.

In response, casinos have slashed rates for hotel rooms in an effort to entice crowds back to the strip. The lower prices are drawing a different kind of crowd. Many people are noticing the changes, including Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, who have arrested more than eighty people on the strip between Friday and Saturday alone.

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department’s Convention Center Area Command, which includes the Strip, reported 353 aggravated assaults though the week ending Oct. 10, 2020, up from 258 in 2019, a 36.82 percent increase. Assaults involving firearms climbed by more than 80 percent this year to 89 – as opposed to 49 in 2019.

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