Business Owner Takes Things Into His Own Hands With a Shotgun, Looters Weren’t Ready (Video)


One merchant in upper New York state was well prepared as he sped to his store, with a shotgun. The police couldn’t even protect their own station so this business owner took the law into his own hands.


No police, just him and his shotgun

After the Rochester, New York, police were chased out of their Public Safety Building, leaving behind smashed patrol cars and a whole parking lot full of blazing vehicles, the looters went shopping for some buy-none, get-a-bunch-free, bargains. In particular, they were browsing at a local shop called the Liberty Pole. “Son got him (Jordans), word,” a man filming the riot proclaimed.

Leaping from his vehicle, the video shows a man open the rear door to retrieve his shotgun. As the local paper describes, he “bravely dashed towards his store while firing.” Legal or not, he saw his business “being surrounded by looters, so he did something about it.”

That Saturday, “countless stores” in the Rochester area were vandalized and looted, the Democrat & Chronicle reports. The destruction and theft have nothing at all to do with the murder of George Floyd.

Already crippled by corona

George Soros isn’t happy with the way President Donald Trump managed to keep the economy going. From coast-to-coast, business owners who followed the advice of the “experts” and shut down tight, were then targeted by “rioting mobs for the last several days.” The riots aren’t dying down either.

In Dallas, Texas one merchant was hospitalized in critical condition when it turned out his sword wasn’t a match for the skateboard used against him. The mob started throwing rocks until “his mangled body laid lifeless in the street.” An elderly citizen in Salt Lake City was attacked for the crime of being white. The violent mob of Antifa anarchists beat him and torched his car, “for attempting to protect himself and his vehicle.” Too bad he didn’t have a shotgun.

Just when the public needs the officers sworn to keep the peace the most, they’re missing in action, “standing down as the rioters terrorize entire communities.” All across America, the criminals are getting away cold with “murders, arson, countless lootings, and kidnappings.”

As the Democrat & Chronicle point out, the murder of George Floyd isn’t the seed of all this looting. “The mobs claim that they are protesting the death of a black man in Minneapolis Police custody on Monday, but it is unclear how looting Louis Vuitton or stealing cars will bring justice.” If the progressives are going to bring anarchy, the conservatives can bring a shotgun.

  1. This is getting out of hand. The politicians that permit this and who are MIA should be left defenseless against anyone who decides to take them on. No POLICE PROTECTION FOR POLITICIANS! SHOULD BE THE CRY OF THE VICTIMS OF THESE LOOTERS AND ANARCHISTS.

    1. It’s not ‘politicians’, it’s whoever is on the devil’s payroll that are brainwashed enough to do evil and to break those bounds that were placed there to keep us all safe from one another, given by God. But when a nation breaks off those bonds of restraint and goes against God’s principles, they reap the judgment. When we destroy human life in the womb, when we take the awareness and glory of God out of the remembrance of us all and our children and teach them that anything they do is okay, then we are hurting that child and alk those who forget God. Because God is not mocked and His word will not fail to come to pass. He IS GOD and there is NONE like Him, rebel as they may! We have a choice, all of us. and He said if we would kekep HIS commandments, not our own, and do what is right by one another and especially by Him, our life would be full of peace. But, it not, then we would reap the whirlwind and destruction would be our end. That is a natural law as well as a spiritual law. We cannot ignore God and His principles and keep doing things our way without it blowing up in our face. This is what is happening now. We love God or we love the world and the things that are in the world more enough to cast Him off and do our own thing, ending in destruction by our own hand. God gave the law in the first place, to keep us all safe. If we forsake the law, as the looters and rioters do, then we have nothing but destruction and anarchy and confusion and every evil work. Love God, hate evil. Love evil, hate God…the choice is ours. So are the consequences of our actions.

  2. Three questions. One, how many of those businesses are local? Two: what happens when they don’t even rebuild, much less re-open? Three: what is it that the public will remember about this, the peaceful marches which will bring usefull results or the riots, looting, and mayhem that will do nothing?

    1. Local or not, what difference? It still affects the economy.
      No rebuilding means neighborhoods disappear, people move to where their needs can be met easily.
      Marches or protests create havoc and mayhem, and stir people up to do things they would not ordinarily do. None of this is a good thing, period.

  3. “took the law into his own hands” is a misnomer. We are the government, of, for and BY THE PEOPLE. So if our attorney or our police or anyone we hire to help protect us can’t fulfill their obligations of the contract, we take back the position we gave them and do the job ourselves. The Law has nothing to do with a man or woman protecting themselves against intruders or those who wish to do them harm. It’s not about the law being broken when a man or woman has to protect themselves, that has already been done by the intruders…so it’s about restoring order and the boundaries established to protect everyone! Satan’s attributes are to lie, kill, destroy and steal. These are devilish attributes and there is a standard called the Law that was given by God in the first place, to retain order and peace. When they cast off the restraints and break the boundaries that keep us all safe and happy, they are walking on the devil’s ground and that is dangerous for them, because he came to kill, steal and destroy, and rewards those who serve him with those very things, the only things he has to give. Got it?

  4. What difference is there whether it is local or national? It still affects the economy, regardless, and for the local economy, affects you individually, restricts your choices=no liberty.
    When no one rebuilds, the neighborhood disappears. No one opens for business, no neighborhood. People go where their needs are met.
    Any riot or march is going to bring unrest and reaction from someone. What is the point? What is the underlying reason for this unrest? To get us to do something we wouldn’t ordinarily do. This hurts ourselves, not someone else only. So the devil uses evil men to stir us up to do things to make us fall into a trap from which we might never recover. His only goal is bondage and control and destruction. take your choice.

  5. My question to you is, what are they trying to get us to do>? Move to the city? Move to the country? Move out or be killed? Just like the Ca fires, now they are restricting the rebuilding saying it is somehow suddenly Indian Burial Ground and ‘sacred’. No, their intent is to take away everything you have, including your life.

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