Bone Chilling Anti 2A Democrat Movements Taking Shape…Get Ready For it


With the Democrat party firmly in control and the official ceremony to put the globalist puppet government into full operation on Wednesday, the gun grabbing is about to begin. There isn’t much that can be done except to get ready. The anti-2A lobby won and they decide what the laws are now.


A Democrat gun grab

The whirlwind events of this bizarre month have turned America upside down. It’s clear that there is only one political party, Democrat. They have boldly suspended the Constitution and make all the rules.

Welcome to post-constitutional Open Society. The minions of the New World Order, starting with Sheila Jackson-Lee of Texas already have the names and numbers for a bunch of gun grabbing laws.

They’re rushing so fast that they don’t have any actual text to go with most of the bills but they are relying on the old Democrat standbys so it’s not difficult to guess what they’re up to.

As BearingArms writes, “the almost spray-and-pray tactic is a wish-list of liberal infringements on the hated Second Amendment.” For instance they start off with HR127. That will “provide for the licensing of firearm and ammunition possession and the registration of firearms, and to prohibit the possession of certain ammunition.”

Many believe once the words get filled in it will say that nobody who ever voted Republican or, God forbid, owns either a pickup truck or a Rebel flag will ever get permission to own a weapon.

Then there’s the matter of exactly what that “certain ammunition” will be. In the past, it has long been the Democrat position that “armor piercing” ammunition like 5.56 mm NATO green tips should be banned.

A particular danger

Black Talon bullets, aren’t armor piercing or “uniquely deadly” but the Democrat narrative is that they “pose a particular danger to the public and to law enforcement.” Even if you’re going up against a bear or a mountain lion, they claim that there is no “legitimate sporting purpose.”

They also insist on strictly controlling “the manufacture, transfer, and possession of these types of ammunition.” Liberals don’t want to listen when folks try to tell them that its been off the market since 1993.

Trying to explain there are legitimate reasons for .50 caliber ammo to a Democrat is like trying to explain rainbows to a blind person. It’s a popular size for blackpowder hunting rifles.

It’s used for everything along the spectrum from .50AE handgun rounds to sniper rifle use. You don’t have to be El Chapo to use it. Nobody mentions that it’s virtually unknown for that size to be used in crimes, they need a law against it anyway.

You can forget about any protections you used to have under the Constitution. That old, out-dated document has been debunked.

From now on there won’t be any informal gun show sales and you will have to ask the Democrat in charge for a federal license if you want to buy or even own firearms or ammunition.

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