Just In… Bloomberg Drop Out Announcement That Could Change Everything

Dems are a mess right now.
Michael Bloomberg
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Prior to the Nevada caucus on Saturday, Pete Buttigieg made a demand of Michael Bloomberg that will become more urgent as the candidates head to South Carolina.


Buttigieg, for the sake of the Democrat party, demanded Michael Bloomberg drop out of the race.

If We Are Going to Have a Chance

Buttigieg made the plea not necessarily as a candidate but as a Democrat that sees just how damaging Bloomberg will be to anyone beating Bernie Sanders.

The campaign of Pete Buttigieg stated, “If Bloomberg remains in the race despite showing he can not offer a viable alternative to Bernie Sanders, he will propel Sanders to a seemingly insurmountable delegate lead siphoning votes away from Pete, the current leader in delegates.”

Of course, Bloomberg sees things much the same way, with only his campaign having a way to defeat Sanders and Trump.

His campaign recently issued a memo, stating, “If Biden, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar remain in the race despite having no path to appreciably collecting delegates on Super Tuesday (and beyond), they will propel Sanders to a seemingly insurmountable delegate lead by siphoning votes away from [Bloomberg].”

This works out really well for two people: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

The Sanders Problem

There is no denying the fact at this point that Sanders is dominating this primary race, but it is not as bad as the numbers say.

He has a significant lead in Nevada with about 60 percent of the caucus vote counted, but that is largely due to the fact he has such a radical plan and the rest of the field is fighting for everyone else.

The people that vote for Sanders are not going to vote for any other candidate in this field.

Point being, even if Sanders only wins about 30 to 35 percent of the vote, the remaining four contenders are splitting the rest of the scraps pretty evenly.

The longer more people stay in, the better chance Bernie has of winning enough delegates to clinch this race before we get to Milwaukee for the convention.

What the Democrat party needs right now is for everyone to drop out except maybe the top two candidates if they are going to have a chance to defeat Bernie, otherwise, Buttigieg’s concerns are dead on the money.

Trump is also benefitting because right now, the entire party is lobbing attacks at Bernie Sanders, which will be tough to pull back if Sanders does win the nomination.

Not only that, it is hard to imagine any moderate Democrat or Independent willing to cast a vote for a communist, whoops, I mean socialist, as our next president.

Sanders is turning out to be a nightmare for Democrats, making the party rue the day they ever allowed him to run as a Democrat.

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