Buttigieg Flips Out When NYT Reporter Accuses Him of Major Scandal

Pete Buttigieg
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

Well, well, well… Looks like Pete Buttigieg is finally starting to show a little backbone.

When Pete was accused of being involved in a price-fixing scheme with a former client, the former South Bend mayor get a little indignant, denying he had any knowledge at all about the scandal, even though he was right in the heart of it.

That’s Bullsh**

It is always fun watching politicians get called out on their nonsense to see how they react.

Buttigieg has avoided a lot of scrutiny in this race simply because nobody believes he has a chance.

If he can’t win, why waste money digging up dirt on him, right?

Well, Pete has managed to make up just enough ground that he should take up a significant amount of the delegates available in both New Hampshire and Iowa.

While we all know it will end there for Pete, candidates and the media now see him as a moderate threat to Joe Biden, so they are starting to throw some arrows at him.

When Buttigieg sat down for an interview with “The Weekly,” he took a direct hit and did not like it very much.

New York Times journalist Binyamin Appelbaum stunned Buttigieg by stating, “You’ve been on the front lines of corporate downsizing. You’ve been on the front lines of corporate price-fixing.”

Buttigieg immediately became uncomfortable and pushed back.

Here is the segment…

Now, latch onto that last line where Buttigieg stated he was not aware of the scandal “until last night.”

The Canadian bread-fixing scandal was national news and has been for about the last two years.

It recently made the news in September 2019 when the Canadian Supreme Court ruled that it would not hear the case on appeal.

Point being, that fact that Buttigieg had a client that was involved and this was national news since 2017, how in the world was he never made aware of it until just recently?

Politicians lie… that is what they do and that is what they have always done.

It would now appear that our wholesome-looking former mayor is officially a member of the swamp rather than the reform he promises to bring.


  1. Politicians lie…..that is what they do and what they have always done. Can you blame them? The only politician I know who has consistently said what he intends to do and then does it is currently being impeached. Real Constitutional scholars say that the things he is being impeached for amount to bovine excrement, but none-the-less he is still being impeached. How much easier it would have been for him if he just made his promises and then proceeded to supply slop to the swamp creatures like every other politician before him. Our political system is fundamentally flawed-it can be fixed by returning to the intent of our founders. The founders never conceived of the possibility that office holders would make their service a life long career-they thought that the average office holder would serve a term or two and then return to private life. We have politicians who have been in the political business for forty years and more. Term limits is the solution-the annual loss of “experience” caused by sending office holders on their way will be more than made up for by the reduction in corruption-in fact, the only way to improve the system beyond term limits is to select office holders by lottery. You would get a much more diverse leadership, the ratio of men/women, white/black, white collar/blue collar and old/young would disappear and a good by product would be that political parties would become meaningless.

  2. Hey BUTTMAN … F O R G E T I T ! ! ! You are NOT Presidential Material !
    Get your sorry A$$ back to Indiana STFU and have your Hubby Pack your Fudge !


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