Dem Mayor Hires Registered Sex Offender for Role that Enters Private Homes

sex offender

Dolton Illinois, a suburban community south of Chicago, elected both its youngest mayor and its first female mayor in the person of Tiffany Henyard this year. Democrat Tiffany Henyard won by promising change for  the people of Dolton and change she has indeed provided. The specific change is the introduction of a registered child sex offender as a village employee whose responsibilities involve entering local homes and businesses.


Child sex offender to be paid by terrified residents

Town trustees and residents were shocked by the appointment of Lavelle Redmond as a code enforcement officer for Dolton.

Redmond was released from prison in 2016 after spending 24 years behind bars for kidnapping and raping two girls, aged 13 and 14, in 1991 along with three other men.

The fact that this violent sex offender was released at all is a disturbing reminder of how broken the criminal justice system is in the United States.

Now Redmond will receive a salary of $31,200 each year, paid for by the good citizens of Dolton Illinois, whose homes he is not only allowed, but required, to inspect.

The sex offender is apparently a friend of Mayor Henyard, whose campaign he worked for and who presumably gave him his new government job as a favor.

Baffled locals reported that they would not be allowing Redmond into their homes and asked why there had not been any background checks before his hiring.

sex offender
Redmond and Henyard

Violent gang rape explained as a childish mistake

In fact, there was a background check and Mayor Henyard knew all about Redmond’s past when she hired him for a job which puts him in close contact with the public.

Redmond, who was 17 at the time of the kidnapping and gang rape, brushed aside questions about his past and declared that it was merely a case of “childhood background over 30 years ago.”

The mayor agreed, responding to outraged citizens and reporters by with a statement which explained that the rapes had taken place 30 years ago and that Redmond has since paid his debt to society.

She continued with “we believe that a person can be rehabilitated, and we believe in second chances,” implying that she will not agree to fire Redmond in response to near universal outrage from the public.

Obviously, child rapists can never “pay their debt to society” or be rehabilitated. This should not be a controversial point but here we are in 2021 so of course it is.

Dolton has now learned, as the rest of the country surely will, that when you elect a Tiffany Henyard you’ll probably find that a Lavelle Redmond is being brought along for the ride.

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