Buttigieg Turns on Dems, Says He Was Robbed!

Bad look for Dems.
Pete Buttigieg
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

So far, we have had two state caucuses and both of them were riddled with irregularities.


So much so, in fact, Pete Buttigieg is now accusing his own party of being corrupt and possibly manipulating votes.

The Nevada Caucus

After a debacle in Iowa, the Nevada powers that be promised a seamless caucus, but that did not exactly happen.

It took two full days before the election results were announced and according to Pete Buttigieg, they got it wrong again.

When 100 percent reporting finally came in, Bernie Sanders won the day with 46.8 percent of the vote.

Behind Sanders was Biden at 20.2 percent, Buttigieg at 14.3 percent, and Warren at 9.7 percent.

Sanders ending up winning 24 delegates, with Biden and Buttigieg getting nine and three respectively (everyone else was shut out).

The Buttigieg campaign, however, is saying that Nevada got it wrong and Pete should have been neck-and-neck with Biden.

His campaign had it a “razor-thin” difference between Buttigieg and Biden, and now they are demanding an explaining and full transparency on the numbers, something Nevada does not seem willing to do.

The Nevada Democrat Party stated, “We never indicated we would release a separate breakdown of early vote and in-person attendees by precinct and will not change our reporting process now.

“As laid out in our recount guidance, there is a formal method for requesting a challenge of results.”

Big Problems for Dems

In two out of three states, now, the candidates are accusing their own party of being corrupt.

Needless to say, this is not a good look for Democrats that railed and continue to rail against Trump election corruption.

Caucuses are already an ancient way of running elections and party members are finally admitting they are simply not working.

Not only does it often take days to get results, but the results themselves are often challenged by the candidates and their exit polls.

While there are still several caucuses left on the agenda, the only major one remaining is Wyoming on April 4.

The Democrats have until then to get this figured out and if they don’t, it is a safe assumption that after this election, caucuses will be no more.

  1. Two out of three caucuses or voting opportunities for the Democrats have ended with irritated candidates saying the counting was rigged and that the wrong people got the delegates. This is a bad look for the Democrats (says the article), but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The Democrats are just honing their voting fraud schemes for the real election coming in November. They’re trying to figure out how much cheating you can bring to the game without being caught-it’s going to take a lot of cheating to beat Trump and I don’t think they’ll shy away from the line where they do get caught because beating Trump is just so damned important. But, they do want to know where the line is.

  2. Given that Democraps LIE just by breathing what makes any of them believe they can get the TRUTH. I say believe because they all also have WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER where their brains should be so they cannot think.

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