Fact Check: CNN Makes Another Bogus Claim and It is FALSE


In a world where mainstream media networks report on false claims and pushed narratives, CNN continues to hold top rank in being the fakest of fake news.


CNN Makes False News

The news establishment put out a hate piece on President Donald Trump and have told Americans to fear that the coronavirus will keep getting worse.

“The extraordinary attention generated by President Donald Trump’s fight with Covid-19 has obscured an alarming turn in a pandemic that is showing signs of accelerating as colder weather approaches, with 2,000 new America deaths recorded since he was diagnosed,” CNN writes.

The false site claims that despite President Trump and his close allies contracting the virus, he does not care to slow the spread of the China origin disease.

Fake News About the Coronavirus

“The latest close Trump associate to return positive tests were White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and two other press aides. There is little indication that the administration has undertaken a serious effort to contact and trace people who were at a Supreme Court nominating event nine days ago at the White House that appears to have infected multiple people.

There are no official briefings warning Americans about what they need to do to mitigate the worsening situation. And the government experts who once were front and center are never seen alongside the President,” CNN continues.

When the president took quick action in January to halt travel from infected China into the United States, Democrats called this move an overreactive racist move. The liberals soon changed their tune and many Democrat governors and politicians unconstitutionally shutdown societies.

It seems pretty clear, that beating the virus is actually the last thing the establishment media and left want. They want power and control which is what an ongoing virus gives them.

Trump’s Recovery Brings Hope

Fox News Channel’s Steve Hilton, on his Sunday show “The Next Revolution,” said that Trump’s speedy recovery from COVID is “a powerful symbol of America’s recovery.”

“The president’s recovery is a powerful symbol of America’s recovery,” Hilton stated. “Yes, he got the virus because he was out there fighting for the future of the country, not hiding in a basement. He’s been saying for months we need to be open, not closed, that we’ve got to beat the virus, not surrender to it.

Of course, that has risks, but that’s the American way — to take risks, so you get a bigger reward, and we are seeing that now with the recovery that is faster than Europe, stronger than anyone was predicting. President Trump is a living symbol of that positive can-do spirit. People are free to disagree with it, but it’s a clear contrast with Biden. It gives voters a clear choice.”

“If the president’s recovery continues, if he shows a new, more positive and more human side, as he has been doing this weekend and leaves the attacks on Biden to his surrogates, it will focus attention on what everyone wants to see: recovery.

President Trump’s recovery, achieved in no small part because of the actions he took to get new treatments available, as a living symbol of America’s recovery. A massive contrast with the weak defeatism of Joe Biden and his threat of another shutdown. Beating the virus, bringing back the economy, recovery with Trump, or relapse with Biden,” he concluded.

With CNN known for its fake news, this latest false piece shows the network’s poor relationship with truth and true journalism.

  1. If CNN and all MSM would spend more time investigating who , when, what and where the virus originated they might gain some respect. If the amount and time spent trying to take President Trump down had and will be spent investigating where it came from and who is profiting from it would be real news. This writer does not believe CNN and MSM want to know or care to know. They are afraid that they might find more than they can handle.

  2. Did CNN have a drone flying around in the White House when they had the Meeting and Spraying the Conv-ID 19 who knows I put nothing pass them or the Democrats Period Don Lemon says it is what it is and what is is ? everyone Knows BDO and What is BDO

  3. For Democrats and their media propagandists there is but a single truth and that is that they hate Trump. They would probably deny this and that only proves that as far as Trump is concerned, there is no truth. The fact (and, therefore the truth) is that their hatred has become pathological and they clearly need medical help. Until they can get their heads on straight, they should be quarantined to protect them from themselves and the balance of society from them.

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