Caucasian Psychoanalyst: Whiteness Incurable ‘Parasitic Like Condition’


Yes, it’s true that a lily-white Caucasian, allegedly a “psychoanalyst,” has declared the Whiteness is a “malignant, parasitic like condition” with no “permanent cure.” Just when you thought Democrats couldn’t get any more depraved, they somehow suddenly do.


Incurable Whiteness

A New York liberal Democrat, allowed by the state to call himself a “psychoanalyst,” actually succeeded in having his hair-brained report published in what’s supposed to be a peer-reviewed journal.

Once upon a time, science was based on the scientific method. Not anymore. Moss reports that Whiteness is a “malignant, parasitic like condition” without a “permanent cure.”

Like leprosy, Caucasian is a disease for which there is no possible cure, so anyone afflicted must be banned and shunned from society.

According to Dr. Donald Moss, who brainwashes young minds at the New York Psychoanalytic Institute, “Whiteness is a condition one first acquires and then one has — a malignant, parasitic-like condition to which ‘white’ people have a particular susceptibility.”

The report was called “On Having Whiteness” and it appeared last month in the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association.

“The condition is foundational, generating characteristic ways of being in one’s body, in one’s mind, and in one’s world.” It doesn’t work the same way for any other shade.

Dr. Donald Moss says Whiteness is an incurable disease.

White people are parasites

“Parasitic Whiteness renders its hosts’ appetites voracious, insatiable, and perverse,” the paper concludes. Amazingly it was “also published on the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed site.” That means it’s officially endorsed by Joe Biden and the Imperial Palace.

The “deformed appetites particularly target nonwhite peoples,” the abstract says — and “once established, these appetites are nearly impossible to eliminate.” This white person wonders what “appetites” Dr. Bozo is babbling about.

The good news is that there is a treatment for Whiteness but no guarantee it will work. While “effective treatment consists of a combination of psychic and social-historical interventions,” there is “no guarantee against regression.”

That means “There is not yet a permanent cure.” The outrage is blowing fuses all across the interweb.

Dr. Donald Moss’s writings on “Parasitic Whiteness” had real psychiatric professionals “doubting whether the report was real.” It’s real. “I was skeptical so I looked it up, and yeah this is real and now I want to throw my Psychology degree in the garbage,” one reader observed. Academics in the same field are enraged.

“How do my colleagues consider this scholarship? Anyone actuality take this seriously?” clinical psychologist Dr. Philip Pellegrino tweeted. “This racist vomit should be called out for what it is,” another posted. “This is the lowest and most dangerous form of racism masquerading as academic discourse. Shameful.”

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