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The House Oversight Committee held a hearing on potential statehood for Washington, D.C., this week. But Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga., had some new ideas about requirements for the District of Columbia to qualify as the 51st state. The Democrats are desperate to create new blue states, open the borders to gain more immigrant voters, and then pack the Supreme Court to dilute the Conservative majority.


Democrats seek to create a one party system

The House will vote soon to make Washington, D.C., a state. The bill may get a vote in the Senate – and then the measure will likely die. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., promised to put bills that pass the House on the floor of the Senate – even if they don’t go anywhere. This is an effort to gin up interest to perhaps kill or alter the legislative filibuster. Sixty votes are necessary to break a filibuster. And unless the Senate nixes the filibuster, the D.C. statehood bill is likely headed to the legislative landfill.

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., the top Republican on the Oversight Committee, argued that Democrats turned to “Plan B” since Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., refused to eliminate the Senate filibuster. Comer argued that the D.C. statehood gambit was “a key part of the radical, leftist agenda to reshape America, along with the Green New Deal, defunding the police and packing the U.S. Supreme Court.”

Washington, D.C., has no voting representation in Congress. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D.C., is just that: a non-voting delegate to the House. Norton has power in committee, but no vote on floor of the House. D.C. has no voting U.S. senators. The Constitution is clear: Only states or commonwealths get representatives and senators.

This is why Washington, D.C., emblazoned “Taxation Without Representation” on its license plates in the 1990s. D.C. residents pay more taxes than 22 other states. It pays more taxes per capita than all 50 states.

“It is about equality and democracy,” said House Oversight Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y.

But Republicans, like Comer, see it as a power play to run up Democratic numbers in the House and Senate. Comer suggested that adding two, presumably Democratic senators from an incipient “Washington, Douglass Commonwealth” (the proposed name of the new “state,” named after President George Washington and abolitionist Frederick Douglass) was a “firewall” to prevent the GOP from undoing a progressive agenda.

The Founding Fathers did NOT want DC to be a state

It’s unknown who a new state or commonwealth might send to the House or Senate. But Republicans were confident their side wouldn’t stand a chance against Democrats in the far left-leaning city.

Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., asked Washington, D.C., Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser about the “ideological makeup of D.C.” when it came to the ballot box.

What political affiliation do you think the two new senators would be?” asked Foxx.

“It will be up to the people of the District of Columbia,” replied Bowser.

Connolly took issue with the line of questioning from his North Carolina colleague.

“I’m grateful for our last questioner on the Republican side, my friend, Ms. Foxx, for actually letting the cat out of the bag,” said Connolly. “This is about race and partisanship and affiliation.”

The U.S. admitted New Mexico and Arizona into the union within five weeks of one another in 1912. There was a political offset to welcome both states. That would drum up bipartisan support for the effort.

The same phenomenon arose with the admission of Alaska and Hawaii in 1959. Political balance was there, too. Although there’s an interesting historic footnote with Alaska and Hawaii: Alaska was supposed to be the Democratic state and Hawaii the Republican state. But those roles flipped over time. Alaska is now more Republican than it was in the 1950s. Hawaii is now more Democratic than it was back then. That said, both states have elected members of the “other” party to key offices in recent decades. Alaska had a Democratic senator as recently as early 2015. Hawaii had a Republican House member for a short period a decade ago.

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