China Threatening WAR


Chinese President for life Xi Jinping warned the World Economic Forum in his “Davos Agenda” conference speech that he’s ready to go to combat with the Biden regime. The “new cold war” could turn hot, Pooh Bear insisted, and must be avoided.


This means war

Xi didn’t come right out and say it but every New World Order globalist in Switzerland knew what he meant. Joe Biden may be installed as governor of the region but he’s already slipped his leash and it could lead to war.

At least a diplomatic one. Quid Pro Joe made the fatal mistake of agreeing with one of Donald Trump’s policies. Biden dared to concur with the determination that China is committing “genocide” against Uyghur Muslims.” Not only that, he’s daring to have thoughts of his own about “China’s aggression toward Taiwan.”

Xi Jinping may have to leak some juicy intelligence to the right sources about his country’s dealings with Hunter Biden. He can slit Joe’s throat with the concessions they got from Obama’s Vice President in exchange for covering his young playboy son’s cocaine habit. That way, they can deal direct with Kamala Harris.

The Chinese Communist Party would rather slap Biden around a little and get him back in line before things get drastic enough to break into full war though. With George Soros preparing to step down and the various Open Societies Foundation chapters fighting like vultures over the remains of the bank accounts, world economists are a little concerned that the situation in the States isn’t as under control as it appears.

Xi Jinping told Biden not to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong. No silly socialist will tell the leader of the worlds biggest commune who to exterminate.

The way he put it was, “we should respect and accommodate differences, avoid meddling in other countries’ internal affairs and resolve disagreements through consultation and dialog.” Not war, that’s bad for everyone.

A four step plan

“History and reality have made it clear time and again that the misguided approach of antagonism and confrontation, be it in the form of a cold war, hot war, trade war or tech war, will eventually hurt all countries’ interest and undermine everyone’s well-being.”

Neatly stepping away from any blame for unleashing Covid-19 on the world, “Xi also laid out a four-step approach to ensuring the world emerges stronger from the COVID-19 crisis.”

His war on the Kung Flu includes “macroeconomic policy coordination,” the avoidance of “arrogance, prejudice and hatred” in favor of “peaceful coexistence,” the reduction of global inequality, and the strengthening of global institutions on issues like public health and climate change.

Peacefully coexisting with the Uyghur Muslims is out of the question. He kept reminding Biden, again and again, to mind his own business. “Throughout the speech, Xi repeatedly returned to the importance of international cooperation on nearly every issue — except on those, like human rights, that he deems ‘internal affairs.'”

If Biden wants a diplomatic war he’ll get one. With one parting shot, Xi gave a thinly veiled warning not to even think about sanctions against China. “Xi specifically opposed the ideas of imposing sanctions or seeking to ‘create isolation.’ He also warned that the pandemic should not be allowed to accelerate ‘decoupling’ or the re-routing of supply chains. Those tools are all being heavily debated in Washington when it comes to China.”

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