Corrupt Chicago Cop Convicted Along With Partner


You would think that when a corrupt cop gets convicted to a six year prison sentence they would lose their job on the police force. Not in Chicago. The city had to wait for the results of a hearing this past June before they could fire David Salgado.


The Windy City officially terminated him on Thursday, August 19, 2021. Everyone knows the wheels of justice grind slowly but this is ridiculous. He and his partner were both convicted in October of 2019.

Chicago cop crime spree

Two cops on the Chicago Police Department came up with a sneaky idea. Rob the criminals. David Salgado and his partner Xavier Elizondo groomed a pair of pet street rats into snitching on their targets.

According to court documents, Elizondo and Salgado “worked with two people who, posing as confidential informants, provided false information to persuade judges to sign the officers’ search warrants” between “at least June 2017 and January 2018 while working on the department’s gang crime squad.” The rogue officers then used those warrants “to steal money, drugs and cigarettes.” Not a bad racket. What are the victims gonna do, call the cops? Yep.

The criminal cops were sentenced last summer and Salgado got six years while Elizondo will do a seven year stretch. That’s when “Chicago Police Supt. David Brown recommended Salgado be fired.” After “the verdict was read, U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly ruled the two could no longer carry guns or have firearm owner identification cards.”

Both “Elizondo and Salgado were relieved of police powers when charges were filed, and we will now begin the process of filing termination charges before the Police Board.” The hearing for that was a few weeks ago in June.

In December of 2017, Elizondo and Salgado used a bogus warrant “to search what they believed to be a drug stash house” on the Chicago West Side. The FBI planted surveillance cameras inside a house to watch $15,000 they stashed as bait.

“The officers found both and decided to inventory the money properly.” Elizondo was caught on tape later, telling a double-agent informant “it would have been a good Christmas” if the cameras hadn’t been there.

He seemed shocked

In January 2018 the same double crossing snitch “told Elizondo about cash and drugs inside a rental car parked at the Carlton Inn near Midway Airport.” The rat promised “a key had been tucked inside the rear bumper of the car.”

The crooked Chicago cops were there in moments. The FBI hid “$18,200 in two Burger King bags” in the car. Salgado was one of the cops who searched it, and he reported finding $14,000. They had been ratted out by their own rats.

Salgado showed up at the station to find the car they seized the night before sitting on a flatbed tow truck.

“What gives?” Salgado complained to the guy standing nearby and smirking, “that’s evidence in my investigation.” Lt. Timothy Moore introduced himself as with Chicago Police Internal Affairs and said, “mine too.” Salgado “took a step back,” Moore testified. “He seemed shocked.”

As soon as he thought he was out of sight, he dialed his partner. “Well, you know what to do, right?” Elizondo said on wiretap.

“Just relocate everything, alright? Just make sure whatever you have in your house isn’t there no more, you know what I mean?” The crooked Chicago cops had no idea how deep in the hole they were already and just kept digging. Cops like that deserve to be defunded.

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